Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 31: Why Do You Blog?

Originally, I started this blog as just an online journal.  I have had an online journal before but I did not share it with anyone because it was just my little area to vent.  I am an open book.  I will answer any question thrown at me.  I am not ashamed of my past nor do I have any regrets at all.  I share whatever I may be thinking and/or feeling at the given moment.  I try to refrain from using names but if I feel like I need to use a name then I will change it to protect the innocent or the jackhole (however the story goes right?!).  I try to just be me in my writing and not who I think I should be most of the time.  I mean why should I be anyone other than myself?  I ramble on about nothing at times.  I post pictures (not many yet but I will be working on it).  I share things that I feel will have an affect on anyone who reads it.  I want someone to feel something after reading some of my blogs.  I want you to laugh or cry with me.  I want you get a sense of what I went through or am going through.  I have blogged about sensitive topics (like here) and really silly ones (like here).  I have posted videos to express how I was feeling (like here).  I blog about the things that I am passionate about (i.e. ZUMBA).  I have blogged about some of my success (like here).

Now that I have completed this 31 Day Blog Challenge (granted I did not blog every day but made several posts on a single day), I am just going to continue to blog and hope that people read and are touched by what I write!  Until next time!