Saturday, April 20, 2013

I Will Call Him George!

I thought about this classic Looney Tunes video this morning while I was getting ready for work.  This is why...
This Daddy Long leg was just hanging around in the corner of the ceiling in the bathroom when I was getting ready for work this morning.  I obviously don't know if this thing is a male or female but I just instantly wanted to call him George...

I just took this picture about five minutes ago...and he is just hanging out...about an inch from the ceiling and maybe two inches from the youngest sister would be totally peeing her pants right now and refuse to go into the bathroom until "Someone kill the spidey!"  (She is almost 22 years old and that is almost an exact quote from another time and a different 'spidey')

The way I see it, he is not bothering me as long as he doesn't drop onto my head or any part of my body.  I keep my tooth brush in a drawer...and he will die if I find him on it.  I kind of hope that he sticks around in the bathroom until Thursday...because I think my sister and going to stay here Thursday night and I totally want her to freak out!  I know it is evil and wrong but come on...I'm almost 29 years old...I don't get to really DO anything to freak my sisters out anymore.


Sitting in the kitchen at the house our mom was renting before she bought her house, I was telling B about how I have thought I saw someone walk down the hallway when I'm home alone at night...and once I walked out of the bathroom towards my room and thought I saw a little kid in the spare bedroom (a.k.a. her bedroom when she was home from school).  I took a couple steps back, looked in the room and turned on the light and saw nothing...duh!

Well, I freaked her out (too easy right).  She all of a sudden thinks that she just saw something walk into her room...and we're getting ready to crash for the night.  So I walk down the hallway real slow like.  She is about five feet behind me.  I get to her door and turn to walk in...

...and I GASP and shake and stumble back...look at her as she screams and I start laughing hysterically!!!  She runs passed me into the bathroom because I just literally almost scared the piss out of her!  Boy was she mad at me...and that made it all the more funny!

***THE END***

In the last week or so, I have either gone to take a shower and discovered a spider or am just in the bathroom and discover a the bath tub.  It has seriously taken all that I have to not take pictures and send them to my sister...I have very little that brings joy into my life like freaking B out!  Instead, I stash my phone by the window or on the sink so it won't somehow drop into water and get destroyed (and that would totally be my luck) but George is different!

Until next time!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Kris Kross Will Make Ya...

"JUMP JUMP" by Kris Kross

The last few days on my way to work or home from work I have been listening to my iPod plugged into the USB port of my stereo.  I have absolutely no control over what plays.  I cannot select a playlist or just shuffles all on it's own...including the podcasts...which I am not happy about.  Anyway, there have been a lot songs that bring back a lot of are some of the songs that I have heard and some that I just love!

"Genie In A Bottle" by Christina Aguilera

"It's So Hard To Say Goodbye" by Boyz II Men

"Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice

"You've Got It (The Right Stuff)" by New Kids on the Block

"Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen

If I can make this a regular "Throw Back Thursday" kind of thing, maybe I'll come up with like a theme...

Classic Rock (Queen, Kiss, White Snake, Aerosmith)
Bubble Gum Pop (Britney, Christina, N'Sync, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees)
Rap (Eminem, Biggy, 2 Pac, Dr. Dre, Snoop)
Country (Brad, Kenny, Tim, Toby, Faith, Martina, I could go on forever)

You get the idea!

Until next time!

Why Blog

I was taking a picture of a package that I got from PopSugar and my mom and step dad started making fun of me.

Oh you are taking a picture of that to blog about?


You are going to upload it to Facebook or Twitter or whatever?


I like how anything that I might be interested in gets completely mocked (btw...I did NOT share the photo...not even to Instagram alone).

My mom proceeded to mention that she does not understand the purpose behind blogging.  Well, I do believe that I already wrote about why I blog...and you can check that out here...I wrote that post almost a year ago but I still stand by why I blog.

In a nutshell (not that the post is that long), I blog because it is an outlet for me.  It is not just like an online journal with posts like:

Couldn't sleep last night...
Woke up late for work...
Work sucked...
I came home and wanted to drown my sorrows in ice cream with my best friend Jose Cuervo...

I try and write about stupid things that happen to me or around me...

If I can write about an experience that can help someone shed some light on a similar experience that they have had then I am satisfied.

I give tips when I can...with a dash of humor that I am finding to be getting easier the more I find that I don't care what others think or say.


I would have never discovered Brittany and all of her awesomeness...I swear I cannot read her posts at work anymore because my boss just looks at me like I have lost my damn mind!  She just oozes with confidence and blows up boundaries that women should never touch and does not give two shits!  I mean check out this Brittany quote from one of her more recent posts:

But the skirt was like $90, and that is not in my Taco Bell budget.
Brittany doesn't pay 90 Burrito Supremes for clothes.

You can't not read that and keep your chuckling to yourself.  She has also just started this Google+ Series called "Last Call" and it is mother effin ridiculous!  Because of that, I am discovering more blogs to follow that are hilarious and I hope to quote them and link them to my blog as much as I do Brittany...but she has totally set the bar for what I expect from bloggers and I have a feeling that these women are right up there with her!

Holy crap I posted twice in one day!!!

Until next time!

What Do You Strive For?

We should all have some sort of goal in life right?

Something that we seriously want to achieve...not just the dream of something like

I will spend three whole months back packing around Europe even though I have no money for a passport let alone money to fly there AND back...unless I can stow away on a container ship...and if I get caught, I have long hair and big boobs and can totally flirt with those dingy sailors right?!

But I am talking about an actual DREAM-TO-POTENTIAL-REALITY here people!  This does not have to necessarily pertain to your job/career/whatever you do that makes you happy and not living on the streets...unless that makes you happy then good for you and I will happily give you a biscuit for your dog!

While my dream job is to be a profiler for the FBI (I mean who would not want a bad ass job of locking up sickos for the sake of all mankind and do it all sexy like on Criminal Minds...because that is totally how crime fighting is in real life...right?) my ultimate goal as far as my job/career goes is to be a shrink.

Believe it or not, that does not shock anyone to hear that I want to be in the Psychology field.  I want to be a therapist.  Everyone totally gets it.  I mean, I am a great listener.  I can totally detach myself from the person (like if it is a friend or family member coming to me).  I joked in high school about charging my friends by the minute for our "sessions" during the five or ten minute passing time between classes.

Was I shocked when I found out that my baby sister was going to be a Pre-Med student when she left for college...absolutely not...was I stunned when she wanted to be a triple way (such an over achiever I have for a youngest sibling)...did I just about fall over when she finally decided to be a Psychology major...DUH!

After I took my Intro to Psych class, I knew that I had picked the right field...however it was that same class that made my sister change her mind...and has her graduating in less than a month with her BS in Psychology...and I could not be more proud and pissed at her (for finishing her degree before me of course).

Got a little off the subject for a moment.  Back to it!

My life goal is not just to be happy.

It is not to look back and regret doing/not doing certain things.

I want my life to have meaning.

I want to have stories that I can share about my experiences that will help others.

I want to have a in a huge house that I can run my own practice out of.  I want to see my future patients evolve and change into who they want to be.  I want to help them rid themselves of their fears.  I do not want to fix people...because we are not machines.  When machines break, mechanics come and fix them and make them work.  When people "break" they still function...and no amount of therapy will get them back to how they used to be because your experiences through your rough patches change who you are even if you refuse to see it.

For all the horrible things that have happened to me and around me, I would not change a single bit of it because it has given me those life experiences and stories that I can share with others and has made me who I am today!  Without my weight struggles, emotional/physical abuse, Mother Nature being a super bitch (Hurricane Katrina), I would not have the strength that I got from being in those situations.

I may have gone off on a different tangent than what I originally intended this post to be but you know happens and when you start to just write and let your thoughts flow...that is when you are being genuine and true to yourself.

Well, I think I have possibly just enough time to finish folding some laundry before my Face-Time date with one of my friends that I have not seen in almost two years since I left

Until Next Time!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Unplanned and Unexpected


It was not until I reread my title that I figure that it could totally be misconstrued and I wanted to make it clear...I am far from being in a place in my life where I can settle down let alone think about having children...not that the thought is ever too far off to be honest.

This post is completely unplanned and unexpected.  I just spent the last hour or so catching up on Brittany's blog.  I was a few weeks behind so I really needed to play catch up.  Most of the time when I read her blog, I am at work.  Work computer does not have sound...and she posts some hilarious freaking videos...seriously...check her use one of Giuliana Rancic's favorite words...


I had zero intentions of writing tonight...and I am not sure when I last wrote but I know it was not long before the start of April which was supposed to start my second 30 Day Blog Challenge which I did not know I had to sign up for AGAIN...I am kind of over it.  I think I am going to ask to be removed from their email lists and delete all their emails.  I will find my own way to keep myself motivated enough to write.  I can be cleaver sometimes damn it...

In all seriousness, I really need to give my blog a "face lift".  I have read several articles that blogs that tailor to a specific theme/topic tend to get the most traffic...apparently writing about the stupid craziness that is my life will not generate the traffic that I am looking for.  I am just looking for ANYONE to read...that keeps me motivated to continue to share my life experiences with the world.

Let me give you a "For Instance"...

My netbook sucks.  I mean seriously sucks!  I have not been able to access the Internet from it for weeks because it says I need to reset the modem...yet no one else in the house seems to be having any problems with accessing the Internet from their laptops.  Well, I just recently got to upgrade my cell phone from that stupid P.O.S. Droid 2 to an iPhone 5.  Before you start calling me "money bags" it seriously cost me just over $300 including the insurance package and the case...and I got to split the payments I only paid $150 and pay the other $150 in May...but I might just take care of it with this paycheck since it is way bigger than I was expecting!

So anyway, because my Netbook has very little space, I do not have iTunes I am apparently at the maximum capacity of allowable computers...which I find odd since I have only had my desktop and my laptop (that the desktop replaced when it died a tragic death).  How those two add up to five is beyond me. iTunes is only on my desktop and I needed to back it up and all that jazz.  Well when we moved in September, I had to get rid of my desk because there is not any room for it...which I was originally told there would be.

No desk means no desktop computer.

But I am starting classes...I need my computer in order to do my work!

Oh you can use my laptop...that is fine.

And I will be allowed to take it with me to work and be on it constantly?

No...I have to use it for work but you can use it when I am not.

I ended up dropping the class mainly because I could not understand the reading but needless to say it felt like it was going to be an inconvenience for me to try to finish my degree.  So my HP Desktop was unplugged, all cables wound up and put into a grocery bag with my mouse, web cam and NetGear wireless card thing that allows me to pick up a wifi signal so the modem does not have to be plugged directly into my computer.  I made a nice little home for my tower, 15" monitor, keyboard and grocery bag of cables in the back corner of my closet.

In order to back up my phone, I needed to dust off the trusty desktop and turn it on for the first time in over seven months.  Let me tell you what...there were like almost 100 updates that it had to do...but I allowed it to do its thing and I waited kinda patiently.  I did finally get it backed up and got a little bit of music on it as well.  Like the essential Zumba Playlist!

Where on earth did I set up my computer if I have no desk and there is no room for it?

Now what you see here is my tower set up just to the side of my dresser (not pictured) with my monitor on top of it.  My keyboard is resting either on my lap (like in the picture) or on the floor, which is where it is now.  To the right you see a box with a pink stripe half of my mouse...I lost my mouse pad...or boxed it up with something else...or threw it out...I honestly could not even tell you what the damn thing looked like now.  So I have to improvise.  I find that magazines do not work as a good mouse pad...cursor flies all over the damn screen...this box is definitely coming in handy...I also found that one of my CD carriers worked really well too.


I mean really...who does not want to read about the fact that my computer is on the know that you chuckled when you looked at the not pretend like you did not...because I know I did.

As for the face lift that I am going to work on...I guess I will try some are a few I have been tinkering with:

I mean Monday's just suck in general...

Take short walks down memory lane...

That random thought or something that just makes you want to scream the actual words out...

I know...not original but instead of just pictures like on Twitter and Instagram I will throw in some nostalgia...

Maybe throw out some tips...attach some great fitness articles that I find...

Something to do with me...I will not be giving any advice...I promise...

Some of my favorite recipes...some healthy and some not so much...

None of these are set in stone...especially not the titles of the days...I want to throw in something about healthy living...not that I follow that like I should and I am really going to try but I am human.  I have learned a lot on my journey of weight loss and maintaining and not regaining...I want to share what I have learned...I also love to read on my Nook Color and I want to try and fit in book reviews and just reviews in general.  The amount of hits I got from my review of "Vs. Reality" by Blake Northcott and for my favorite radio station 100.7 The Wolf was seriously the greatest ever!  I want to review books, music, movies...see if I am any good at it...maybe start reading some professional reviews so that way I can learn what to say and what to leave out so I can get a reader interested but not give anything away...I will keep working on these and maybe sometime soon, a new and improved Until Next Time will be revealed!

Until next time y'all!