Saturday, April 20, 2013

I Will Call Him George!

I thought about this classic Looney Tunes video this morning while I was getting ready for work.  This is why...
This Daddy Long leg was just hanging around in the corner of the ceiling in the bathroom when I was getting ready for work this morning.  I obviously don't know if this thing is a male or female but I just instantly wanted to call him George...

I just took this picture about five minutes ago...and he is just hanging out...about an inch from the ceiling and maybe two inches from the youngest sister would be totally peeing her pants right now and refuse to go into the bathroom until "Someone kill the spidey!"  (She is almost 22 years old and that is almost an exact quote from another time and a different 'spidey')

The way I see it, he is not bothering me as long as he doesn't drop onto my head or any part of my body.  I keep my tooth brush in a drawer...and he will die if I find him on it.  I kind of hope that he sticks around in the bathroom until Thursday...because I think my sister and going to stay here Thursday night and I totally want her to freak out!  I know it is evil and wrong but come on...I'm almost 29 years old...I don't get to really DO anything to freak my sisters out anymore.


Sitting in the kitchen at the house our mom was renting before she bought her house, I was telling B about how I have thought I saw someone walk down the hallway when I'm home alone at night...and once I walked out of the bathroom towards my room and thought I saw a little kid in the spare bedroom (a.k.a. her bedroom when she was home from school).  I took a couple steps back, looked in the room and turned on the light and saw nothing...duh!

Well, I freaked her out (too easy right).  She all of a sudden thinks that she just saw something walk into her room...and we're getting ready to crash for the night.  So I walk down the hallway real slow like.  She is about five feet behind me.  I get to her door and turn to walk in...

...and I GASP and shake and stumble back...look at her as she screams and I start laughing hysterically!!!  She runs passed me into the bathroom because I just literally almost scared the piss out of her!  Boy was she mad at me...and that made it all the more funny!

***THE END***

In the last week or so, I have either gone to take a shower and discovered a spider or am just in the bathroom and discover a the bath tub.  It has seriously taken all that I have to not take pictures and send them to my sister...I have very little that brings joy into my life like freaking B out!  Instead, I stash my phone by the window or on the sink so it won't somehow drop into water and get destroyed (and that would totally be my luck) but George is different!

Until next time!