Friday, July 20, 2012

High School Reunion...Finally!

Six or Seven months ago I got roped into helping plan my 10 year high school reunion.  I was a little apprehensive at first...mainly because I had ZERO idea of what to do or any ideas to throw out!  We had no money and people had high expectations!  Normal people would think High expectations, high costs.  Not the people that I went to school with.  They were wanting things that were going to cost money...that we DO NOT have...and then the fact that the attendance is barely half of who was in our graduating class...there is definitely no way we would have been able to afford what they wanted.

It is tomorrow night and I have no idea what I am going to wear.  I was planning on wearing this really cute red dress but I have bruises and scratches all over my legs from work along with tan lines above the knees and at the sock line...then there is the issue of this horrible farmer's tan I am totally rocking right now PLUS lines at the wrists where my gloves stop.  I guess I will see if I have any tricks up my sleeve to see if I can hide it.

I am excited for two reasons though.  Reason number one...I get to see my best friend in the whole wide world!  I have seen her TWICE since I moved up here almost a year ago!  I love her and I miss her and I wish I could see her more often!  Reason number two...I have a very handsome date!  He is so sweet and kind.  He makes me laugh.  We are very different on so many levels but I like him.  I have fun with him.  I like spending time with him.  I am just drawn to him.  I am in no rush to jump back into a relationship but I am just enjoying the time we have.  We have been hanging out for over a month or so and it has been awesome!

I have absolutely no idea why I am still awake given that I have to get up and be at work by 7:30am so I am going to sign off and try to get some sleep!

Until next time!

Picture Challenge Day 5

A picture of your favorite memory.

I have a ton of favorite memories to be honest but this was the first ones to come to mind.  I loved my Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine.  For my 21st birthday, my mom got me 21 items.  A lot of them were individually wrapped things like a pair of socks or a wash cloth but she got me a sno-cone machine.  She tried to find a Snoopy one for me but could not.  I just might try!

Until next time!

Picture Challenge Day 4

A picture of a habit you wish you did not have.

This is a picture of 7-11 Taquitos...they are my weakness!  When I have no time and little money, it takes all of a minute to get to 7-11 from work and I can get two Steak and Jack taquitos for $2.22 and Monster for about $6 total.  So horribly bad for me but dang they taste so good!  Oh and I did not search for a picture of it...but their Quarter Pound Big Bite (hot dog) is yummy!

My sister swears that I only exercise and work out the way I do to support my horrible eating habits...and while I would normally agree, my eating habits are not THAT bad ALL the time!  I love my fruits and veggies...and one of my co-workers and I have a BB (Bacon in we love the breakfast food bacon) but I do not eat bacon all the time.  I love seafood and grains.

Until next time!

Picture Challenge Day 3

A picture of the cast from your favorite show.

This is part of the cast of "Gilmore Girls"!  This is my absolute favorite television show EVER!!!  I own all seven seasons.  I could not find a picture of the cast from season seven because my favorite blonde bad boy Logan (a.k.a. Matt Czuchry) and I just realized that Christopher is not in this picture either.

The witty banter and the laughs ("Oye with the poodles already!") and the gorgeous people make the show everything and then some!  I remember watching something in the extras and they said that their script was double or triple a normal 1 hr long sitcom episode script they have to talk way faster!  I love it so much!!!

Until next time!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Picture Challenge Day 2

A picture of you and the person you have been close with for the longest.

It might be a tad bit of a cliche but I have always been close with my mom.  My mom had me exactly a month and a week before her 20th birthday.  She was always one of the younger mom's when I was growing up.  While I remember being a "Daddy's Girl" as a little kid, I also remember when I turned into a "Momma's Girl".

When I was six, my mom enrolled me in my first dance class and I became a dancer.  No more getting up really early and going fishing with my dad and on rare occasions we would go to baseball games.  With continuing my dance classes, my mom because one of the favorite Dance/Stage mom's.  Everyone loved her!

It was not until I got older that my mom and I became more like friends than mother/daughter.  Do not get me wrong, she still is my mom but we have a sort of "Gilmore Girls" Lorelai/Rory relationship.  This picture was taken in February before we went to Brad Paisley's Virtual Reality tour.  We had a blast!

Until next time!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Picture Challenge Day 1

A picture of yourself with 15 facts

I took this picture tonight.  I am still in my Zumba® clothes because no one came to my class tonight...which is also why my hair is down and not a curly/frizzy hot mess!

15 Facts
~My favorite TV show is "Gilmore Girls".
~I am a sucker for Disney Classics.
~My favorite flower is a lily.
~My favorite movie is "Fried Green Tomatoes".
~I am currently involved in a love affair that was started in March 2010...and it is with Zumba®
~"Alice in Wonderland" terrified me as a child...seriously...who was the acid tripping freak that created that wonderful Disney classic?
~I have to think very carefully before I saw the word(s) "eyebrow(s)" otherwise it comes out as "eyebray(s)".
~When I am in a vehicle (driving or passenger) and a semi comes up to either side of the vehicle, my body scrunches up on which ever side the truck is on and I take short and shallow breaths.  Once the truck has passed my body relaxes and I exhale and then take a deep breath.
~About 99% of the time when I have to go to the bathroom, I touch my nose.  As a child, if I needed to go, I would touch my nose and say, "I need to go powder my nose."
~I have a friend and we have a BB.  What is a "BB"?  It is a Bacon of the strongest bonds that people can have.  I mean if you cannot bond over one of the greatest foods ever (you know that I am talking about bacon, right?), then what can you bond over?
~I have a piece of #2 pencil lead stuck on the inside of my left knee.  In elementary school, I sharpened my pencil before school got out and when I was switching seats on the bus, the pencil poked through my bag and stabbed me in the leg and broke off.
~I have 3 baby teeth still in my mouth that are not going anywhere.
~My favorite MTV character of all time is Daria Morgendorffer.
~I absolutely love candles and my favorite was eucalyptus because it keeps the spiders and bugs out of the house...they hate the scent...but Partylite discontinued that scent...and I have not found a suitable replacement just yet.
~I spend absolutely entirely too much time on Facebook...and the only games I play on my phone are RummyFight (Myrr84) and Draw Something (Myrr84 or by FB).

Until next time!

New Challenge!

I have decided to try another challenge.  I have not really been blogging lately (gasp...I could I be so neglectful) so I decided to throw out another challenge and add a little extra.  The challenge for the most part is to just add a photo but I am going to add a little bit of info about each photo.  I am hoping that maybe some of these pictures that I will be taking or finding will spark something inside me to continue to write!  I am really truly honestly going to try and do this every day!