Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It Has Been So Long!

I am too terrified to check to see when my last post was dated.  I know that I have attempted to write the last couple of months but where the hell did the time go?  I mean seriously!  It feels like we just left December and one of my lineman was canned (he was conveniently sick the two weekends that the Seahawks were in the playoffs and then was miraculously better the weekend between playoffs and Super Bowl but could not come to work) in January and I was a damn ice cube when training my friend in 20 degree weather.

I started online classes again with a new school (a whole separate experience for another blog that I am totally going to try and get everyone to go there because they freakin rock!!!) six months ago and now I am staring down the barrel at my 30th birthday on Sunday!  It snuck up on me so fast that I did not get to plan anything.  Not that it really matters because I have almost no friends in the area.  They are spread out around the country.

I did get a new job that I start on Monday and I finished my last day at Snohomish Flying Service yesterday (another post yet to come once I am caught up on my school work) and today was my first day of vacation.  I have not taken any vacation since I took leave to go get married with I was still active duty military in 2007.  I could not have asked for a better day to start my vacation either!  It is beautiful and hardly a cloud in the sky!  It is shorts and tank top weather and is really starting to feel like Spring!  I even went for a run around the lake.  It ended up more of half a run and half a walk.  I just could not make it.  I tried to push myself too hard.

Well I have to get going to get my car fixed (stupid Service Engine Soon light).  Until next time!