Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Random Thoughts...

* I have biceps again!!!  I started a 100 Day Push Up Challenge this month and I am on Day 17 today.  That makes 153 push ups...possibly 165...I could not remember if I did my push ups on day 12 so I did them again.

* I have been able to move around a lot more since finding out that there is NOTHING wrong with my knee.

* My ass hurts...and all I have done differently is this push up challenge.

* I hurt myself entirely too much...and about 90% of the time I do not know how or what I did.
Case and clue what I did to my wrist!
* After a day from hell I managed to get about 12 hours of sleep Saturday night...which I totally and completely needed every second of...but have had a raging headache ever since.

* Friday marks the start of the next 31 Day Blog Challenge and I am bound and determined to completing it this matter what!  Even if I have to write them during my half hour lunch at work because it is the only place I have Internet access...

* Thanks to my sister I have had nothing but Teenie Bopper music stuck in my head from the early 90s to 2000s...

Until next time!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love The One You Are With...

Or love yourself if you are me!  This time of year is not necessarily hard for me because I have never had anyone to make it special.  My ex husband's birthday is February 13th...therefore every year I got to hear about how he thanked his mother every year for pushing him out before midnight.  There was nothing I could do to ever make his birthday special.  Lord knows I tried though.  I have made it publicly known that I am far from girly HOWEVER I found that I need to hear that I am beautiful and needed and wanted and loved...blah blah blah...

I have never really had a Valentine or a date on Valentine's Day for that matter.  It would be nice to actually wear one of these dresses hanging in my closet.  Like last year and the year before and the year before that (and so on and so forth), I will be dateless and Valentineless.  I will be at work on Valentine's Day...I will wear my red work shirt (my hair is newly half-colored red) and I will just go about my day like it was any other day.

I very much wish that I had my special someone to spend Valentine's Day with but since I do not, I will probably stop by the store, get some chocolate cake and ice cream, come home and lock myself in my room and enjoy some wine...or a lot of wine...depends on my mood...

What do you have planned for Valentine's Day?  Are you spending it with someone special or just treating yourself like the special person you are?  Until next time!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lost and Lonely

I completely fell off the grid for almost a month!  I could make excuses about the internet not working for a few days (which is completely true).  I seriously could not even check my email on my phone to see my prompts and write my posts in Word and have them ready for when the internet came back up.  I did try to catch up by writing my posts in Word but eventually I got too far behind that I decided to just hold off and wait until the March challenge starts.

I have been struggling with a ton of personal things lately.  Kind of fighting a bit of depression to be quite honest.  There are so many things running through my head constantly bringing me down.  At any given time, you will find me with a smile on my face but deep down I am a royal mess.  I save all my tears for when I am alone at night...trying to sleep.

I am not completely prepared to write about everything that is bothering me tonight...mainly because it is 11pm and I am exhausted.  Maybe sometime this week...until next time!