Sunday, November 25, 2012

Get These Creative Juices Flowing

On my way to work this morning I thought to myself

Self, you need to work on your creativity.  You enjoy writing and you have had a few fairly decent posts that just might be somewhat a little...dare I say it...funny humorous.  You need to reach out for some help and get a little interactive with the few readers that you have!

So I am asking for help!  I am asking for you to comment with three things

(example:  Detroit, Will Smith, Hot dog...example provided by my mom)

Please help me sharpen my writing skills.  You can leave your name or be anonymous...but if you leave your name I will give you credit in the post!

Until next time!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Where Do You Find Love?

It still comes as a shock to most people when they find out that
  • I am 28 years old
  • I am a Vet (and "disabled"...20% for now)
  • I was married for almost four years
  • I have been divorced for over a year
I have made many promises to myself since my marriage fell apart
  • I will never make a promise that I am not 100% certain that I can keep
  • I will speak my mind and not keep my feelings and emotions bottled up (still working on the whole bottled up part...kinda encoded in my DNA)
  • I will NEVER lock away who I really am ever again
  • I will do what I need to in order to make myself happy
I have also been living by the been there, done that, not doing it again motto when asked if I want to get married again.  Ask me at any time, day or night, and I will NOT hesitate to say no way!

The truth is I do not know if I want to get married again...and I will not know unless I meet a man that can change my mind.  I do want a family...but it can wait...I am not in a rush anymore.  Do I want another wedding or another piece of paper that was so easy to obtain and so difficult to get out of...I do not know if I will ever be able to trust someone enough to not try and strip me of everything that makes me who I am again or who will make me completely vulnerable and dependant on him.  Can you say TRUST ISSUES!!!

With all that being said, I have to admit, I signed up for eHarmony like over 10 years ago when it first started (and was FREE...I might add).  I did not actually have any luck...but I did not actually keep up with it or anything and discontinued use when they decided to start making you pay.  I added the app on Facebook and once I discovered that you could not actually contact the people they were matching you with unless you PAID I deleted my account.

I am not against finding someone by using online sites and social media but I am broke and am not willing to pay a website.  I have found that in becoming who I am, I have become more open-minded.  I interact with people on Twitter all the time.  Perfect strangers.  Facebook...well that one I like to keep Private and only accept those who I actually know personally.

You strike up conversations with complete and total strangers over pictures, links, etc.  I am not sure how, when or why my interaction with Mr Wonderful* started but it started on Twitter.  Then we started sending messages on Facebook.  Getting to know each other.  He told me about an app that you can send voice notes and text.

Next thing I know, I am waking up in the morning with a voice notes from Mr Wonderful calling me beautiful and saying good morning and hoping that I have a good day.  If it is a day that I have to work the Line, he tells me that he hopes I do not injure myself.  Ha!  Very unlikely!  He once told me that he was going to wrap me in bubble wrap so I would not hurt myself and so he could pop it!  On a particularly difficult night, he quoted "Fraggle Rock", "Star Trek" and "Boondock Saints" trying to cheer me up!

I find my heart fluttering when I have any contact with him.  I feel myself blush when he compliments me.  I cannot help but feel giddy thinking about him.  If I find half a second to catch my breath while I am working, he comes to mind.  I have seen his face.  I have heard his voice.  I close my eyes and I can almost see and hear him speak directly to me.  We want to meet but we live in different time zones.  There is a possibility that we might be able to meet in the next few months and the anticipation is just killing me...and I am fairly certain that he feels the same.

The title poses a question.  Where do you find love?  Please leave a comment (either with your name or anonymously) and tell me where you found love.  If you have not found love yet, please comment about what/who you hope to find someday!

Until next time!

*Name has been changed

The Best Zumba Event

If you have not tried a Zumba class of ANY kind...well then you are missing out.  If you know me, you know how much I am totally in LOVE with Zumba!  Well, my love for this Latin dance inspired fitness program grew on Saturday, November 17th.

WHY? You ask.

I will tell you why...two words!

That is right...I had the privilege of taking pictures at Nick's master class at Z Place Fitness & Dance Studio.  Because of my knee injury (and now my back is all messed up), I was not able to participate but I snagged my mom's digital camera and brought my Bloggie for video and spent almost two hour taking pictures and video of this man.

I would pay good money to watch him and Channing Tatum battle...just sayin!

I did not get a ton of great pictures but I got 144 almost decent pictures and 25 okay video clips (but not "Jail House Rock" which I thought I caught but I was wrong...and so wanted to borrow his choreography for when I got better).  I am going to try to figure out how to pull stills from the videos so I can have some better pics but I am okay with what I got.

Now I want a new camera.  I love the pictures that my 35mm camera takes but film is freakin expensive and given that everyone uses digital these days you would think that the price of the film would have at least gone down...I know the price of memory cards has over the last few years.  So now I want a good digital camera that can take really good action shots with little light.  I would love to be able to take more pictures at master classes or just some classes in general for people to use on their websites or whatever.  I am not looking to turn pro here but something that I love to do and help others out.

What I want is something that gives me the option to take rapid shots.  Nick was moving so fast that a lot of the pictures have his face or limbs blurred.  I want clear and crisp photos.  There is usually enough light on stage to get some okay pictures but I want something that will be able to compensate for that and NOT have to use a flash.  I do need to get more aggressive and get "in your face" shots but to my defense, I cannot bend my knee and my back is killing me so getting down on the floor was not really going to happen.

However I did get these "in your face" shots during his cool down!

When the lights came on and the class was over, he was taking pictures left and right!  I waited patiently and when it seemed like he was done, he tried to walk away and I said Hey...what about the photographer!!!  And he smiled and we got into the light.  He said he was sweaty and I thought duh...I just watched you shake your ass for almost two hours.

I know I am short but when he was standing straight...I barely came up to his shoulder...

Until next time!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

I Dare You


Gold only knows how I've needed a friend
Who can see through the boldness and pride
Someone strong enough to put my faith in
Someone willing to let me inside
So be a man
And be my man

I dare you to need me like nobody else
I dare you to feel me like you've never felt
I dare you to want to want
Want to be good to me

Baby you've got your reasons dangling from kite strings
Can you open your hands and let them fly
I know you won't always say and do the right things
But some things are worth a try
If you can
Be my man

I dare you to know me like I've never known
I dare you to show me that I can be shown
Dare you to want to want
Want to be good to me

Tell me I'm
Tell me I'm the one who deserves you
And every time
Every time you know that you want to
Yeah, I dare you

I dare you to hold me like you never will again
Kiss me and leave the earth standing still
Dare you to want to want

I dare you to need me like nobody else
I dare you to feel me like you've never felt
I dare you to want to want
Want to be good to me

Yeah, I dare you to want to want
Want to be good to me

Friday, November 2, 2012

Mind Blowing Revelations Happenin' Here

Let me start with today and work back to the mind blowing part.
I ran some errands today.  I stopped at Verizon to find out WHY my upgrade suddenly changed from the beginning of January to the end of March.  If you did not catch my post about the issues of my cell phone then here is the skinny: 
  • Phone does not ring or vibrate most of the time when a call is coming in.
  • Phone does not notify me half the time that I have a missed call, voice mail, text message, etc.
  • Phone has to be turned off for a couple of minutes and turned back on after every other call because no sound transmits out or in.
  • Phone shuts down, turns off and back on all by itself and for no reason...even in the middle of a call.
That is just a few of my problems.  It is something that I was willing to live and deal with thinking that I only had a couple more months but almost five and a half way!

Turns out that when I originally got my phone in January 2010, it was under my ex-husband's upgrade that he did not use and passed on to me.  Unfortunately his piece of crap phone finally died and he upgraded in July 2011 which was apparently my upgrade due date.  Since he used mine (we did not split the accounts until January of this year), I am not eligible until March 26, 2013.  Needless to say I have a replacement phone coming to me either tomorrow or Monday.  Hopefully this one will not cause me NEARLY as many problems as the one I currently have in my possession.

I stopped by my gym and had them freeze my account for another three months since I still have no answers about my knee.  Called the clinic and had them fax over my doctor's note saying that I cannot workout and then actually got to talk to my doctor about my knee.  There obviously is not anything he can do about getting my orthopedics appointment any sooner BUT he put in another order for an MRI with contrast.  That was the original order but the imaging department at the VA Hospital decided that it was not necessary.  He said that if I do not get a phone call on Monday to get an MRI with contrast scheduled, to call him immediately.  I will be giving it until 4pm on Monday and if nothing, then I will be calling him!

That was a huge relief!

Here is the GINORMOUS MIND BLOWING REVELATION that I had Tuesday.  I was curled up on the couch, watching some of my shows on the DVR, cuddling with my mom's new puppy, Cooper (the stinky I call him).  It made me miss my puppies terribly!  Then it got me thinking about wishing I could be cuddled up in a certain someone's arms.  I get this tingling fuzzy feeling in my stomach typing this.  While I say a certain someone's arms, there is not a SPECIFIC person just yet.

Anyway, it was a foggy day.  It was the kind of day that leaves you wanting to be cuddled up with someone special, in front of a fire, with a GIANT cup of hot cocoa, watching movies all day.

And that is exactly what I wanted.  Now I am not going to lie...there was someone that I was thinking of specifically.  I do not know him all that well but I want to.  I have hung out with him a few times over the last few weeks and then a couple of times over the last several months.  We had an interesting conversation that really got me thinking.

I have made it well known that I am enjoying being single.  Since getting my divorce in July 2011 I have felt FREE!  I have felt like myself.  Hell I have even had people call me funny which is a total foreign concept to me to be completely honest.  I have said repeatedly that I do not want to get married again.  Been there, done that, do not want to do it again...but what I was thinking about all that I would do differently and what I want and need in return (first and foremost a man who would tell me that he loves me...and not every once in awhile).

It made me tear up thinking about it...married to a wonderful man...having a family...I suppose if I find the right man then I might change my mind.  I guess until then, I will have sweet dreams about the perfect man (and we all know that "perfect" and "man" put together does not exist...sorry guys...had to say!

Until next time!