Friday, November 2, 2012

Mind Blowing Revelations Happenin' Here

Let me start with today and work back to the mind blowing part.
I ran some errands today.  I stopped at Verizon to find out WHY my upgrade suddenly changed from the beginning of January to the end of March.  If you did not catch my post about the issues of my cell phone then here is the skinny: 
  • Phone does not ring or vibrate most of the time when a call is coming in.
  • Phone does not notify me half the time that I have a missed call, voice mail, text message, etc.
  • Phone has to be turned off for a couple of minutes and turned back on after every other call because no sound transmits out or in.
  • Phone shuts down, turns off and back on all by itself and for no reason...even in the middle of a call.
That is just a few of my problems.  It is something that I was willing to live and deal with thinking that I only had a couple more months but almost five and a half way!

Turns out that when I originally got my phone in January 2010, it was under my ex-husband's upgrade that he did not use and passed on to me.  Unfortunately his piece of crap phone finally died and he upgraded in July 2011 which was apparently my upgrade due date.  Since he used mine (we did not split the accounts until January of this year), I am not eligible until March 26, 2013.  Needless to say I have a replacement phone coming to me either tomorrow or Monday.  Hopefully this one will not cause me NEARLY as many problems as the one I currently have in my possession.

I stopped by my gym and had them freeze my account for another three months since I still have no answers about my knee.  Called the clinic and had them fax over my doctor's note saying that I cannot workout and then actually got to talk to my doctor about my knee.  There obviously is not anything he can do about getting my orthopedics appointment any sooner BUT he put in another order for an MRI with contrast.  That was the original order but the imaging department at the VA Hospital decided that it was not necessary.  He said that if I do not get a phone call on Monday to get an MRI with contrast scheduled, to call him immediately.  I will be giving it until 4pm on Monday and if nothing, then I will be calling him!

That was a huge relief!

Here is the GINORMOUS MIND BLOWING REVELATION that I had Tuesday.  I was curled up on the couch, watching some of my shows on the DVR, cuddling with my mom's new puppy, Cooper (the stinky I call him).  It made me miss my puppies terribly!  Then it got me thinking about wishing I could be cuddled up in a certain someone's arms.  I get this tingling fuzzy feeling in my stomach typing this.  While I say a certain someone's arms, there is not a SPECIFIC person just yet.

Anyway, it was a foggy day.  It was the kind of day that leaves you wanting to be cuddled up with someone special, in front of a fire, with a GIANT cup of hot cocoa, watching movies all day.

And that is exactly what I wanted.  Now I am not going to lie...there was someone that I was thinking of specifically.  I do not know him all that well but I want to.  I have hung out with him a few times over the last few weeks and then a couple of times over the last several months.  We had an interesting conversation that really got me thinking.

I have made it well known that I am enjoying being single.  Since getting my divorce in July 2011 I have felt FREE!  I have felt like myself.  Hell I have even had people call me funny which is a total foreign concept to me to be completely honest.  I have said repeatedly that I do not want to get married again.  Been there, done that, do not want to do it again...but what I was thinking about all that I would do differently and what I want and need in return (first and foremost a man who would tell me that he loves me...and not every once in awhile).

It made me tear up thinking about it...married to a wonderful man...having a family...I suppose if I find the right man then I might change my mind.  I guess until then, I will have sweet dreams about the perfect man (and we all know that "perfect" and "man" put together does not exist...sorry guys...had to say!

Until next time!