Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Where Do You Find Love?

It still comes as a shock to most people when they find out that
  • I am 28 years old
  • I am a Vet (and "disabled"...20% for now)
  • I was married for almost four years
  • I have been divorced for over a year
I have made many promises to myself since my marriage fell apart
  • I will never make a promise that I am not 100% certain that I can keep
  • I will speak my mind and not keep my feelings and emotions bottled up (still working on the whole bottled up part...kinda encoded in my DNA)
  • I will NEVER lock away who I really am ever again
  • I will do what I need to in order to make myself happy
I have also been living by the been there, done that, not doing it again motto when asked if I want to get married again.  Ask me at any time, day or night, and I will NOT hesitate to say no way!

The truth is I do not know if I want to get married again...and I will not know unless I meet a man that can change my mind.  I do want a family...but it can wait...I am not in a rush anymore.  Do I want another wedding or another piece of paper that was so easy to obtain and so difficult to get out of...I do not know if I will ever be able to trust someone enough to not try and strip me of everything that makes me who I am again or who will make me completely vulnerable and dependant on him.  Can you say TRUST ISSUES!!!

With all that being said, I have to admit, I signed up for eHarmony like over 10 years ago when it first started (and was FREE...I might add).  I did not actually have any luck...but I did not actually keep up with it or anything and discontinued use when they decided to start making you pay.  I added the app on Facebook and once I discovered that you could not actually contact the people they were matching you with unless you PAID I deleted my account.

I am not against finding someone by using online sites and social media but I am broke and am not willing to pay a website.  I have found that in becoming who I am, I have become more open-minded.  I interact with people on Twitter all the time.  Perfect strangers.  Facebook...well that one I like to keep Private and only accept those who I actually know personally.

You strike up conversations with complete and total strangers over pictures, links, etc.  I am not sure how, when or why my interaction with Mr Wonderful* started but it started on Twitter.  Then we started sending messages on Facebook.  Getting to know each other.  He told me about an app that you can send voice notes and text.

Next thing I know, I am waking up in the morning with a voice notes from Mr Wonderful calling me beautiful and saying good morning and hoping that I have a good day.  If it is a day that I have to work the Line, he tells me that he hopes I do not injure myself.  Ha!  Very unlikely!  He once told me that he was going to wrap me in bubble wrap so I would not hurt myself and so he could pop it!  On a particularly difficult night, he quoted "Fraggle Rock", "Star Trek" and "Boondock Saints" trying to cheer me up!

I find my heart fluttering when I have any contact with him.  I feel myself blush when he compliments me.  I cannot help but feel giddy thinking about him.  If I find half a second to catch my breath while I am working, he comes to mind.  I have seen his face.  I have heard his voice.  I close my eyes and I can almost see and hear him speak directly to me.  We want to meet but we live in different time zones.  There is a possibility that we might be able to meet in the next few months and the anticipation is just killing me...and I am fairly certain that he feels the same.

The title poses a question.  Where do you find love?  Please leave a comment (either with your name or anonymously) and tell me where you found love.  If you have not found love yet, please comment about what/who you hope to find someday!

Until next time!

*Name has been changed