Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Best Zumba Event

If you have not tried a Zumba class of ANY kind...well then you are missing out.  If you know me, you know how much I am totally in LOVE with Zumba!  Well, my love for this Latin dance inspired fitness program grew on Saturday, November 17th.

WHY? You ask.

I will tell you why...two words!

That is right...I had the privilege of taking pictures at Nick's master class at Z Place Fitness & Dance Studio.  Because of my knee injury (and now my back is all messed up), I was not able to participate but I snagged my mom's digital camera and brought my Bloggie for video and spent almost two hour taking pictures and video of this man.

I would pay good money to watch him and Channing Tatum battle...just sayin!

I did not get a ton of great pictures but I got 144 almost decent pictures and 25 okay video clips (but not "Jail House Rock" which I thought I caught but I was wrong...and so wanted to borrow his choreography for when I got better).  I am going to try to figure out how to pull stills from the videos so I can have some better pics but I am okay with what I got.

Now I want a new camera.  I love the pictures that my 35mm camera takes but film is freakin expensive and given that everyone uses digital these days you would think that the price of the film would have at least gone down...I know the price of memory cards has over the last few years.  So now I want a good digital camera that can take really good action shots with little light.  I would love to be able to take more pictures at master classes or just some classes in general for people to use on their websites or whatever.  I am not looking to turn pro here but something that I love to do and help others out.

What I want is something that gives me the option to take rapid shots.  Nick was moving so fast that a lot of the pictures have his face or limbs blurred.  I want clear and crisp photos.  There is usually enough light on stage to get some okay pictures but I want something that will be able to compensate for that and NOT have to use a flash.  I do need to get more aggressive and get "in your face" shots but to my defense, I cannot bend my knee and my back is killing me so getting down on the floor was not really going to happen.

However I did get these "in your face" shots during his cool down!

When the lights came on and the class was over, he was taking pictures left and right!  I waited patiently and when it seemed like he was done, he tried to walk away and I said Hey...what about the photographer!!!  And he smiled and we got into the light.  He said he was sweaty and I thought duh...I just watched you shake your ass for almost two hours.

I know I am short but when he was standing straight...I barely came up to his shoulder...

Until next time!