Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spring Is Here And I Am Changing

In the last year, I have really been struggling with my nutrition and my fitness.  This time last year, I was getting fed up with a job that I felt over used, unappreciated and under paid.  I interviewed for a new job and turned in my two weeks notice.

After months of being in my new job of constantly moving and doing a lot of sweating and getting a lot of walking in for my daily exercise, I was not seeing a change in my body.  I thought I was eating better at home and by moving all day long I thought that the weight I had put on from suffering a back injury would start to melt off but it didn't.


In September I dug out my Insanity DVD set and started reviewing the meal guide.  I blew the dust off and decided that I needed help.  I knew that there was no way I could possibly do this on my own.  One night while surfing on Facebook, I found an friend from the past.  I saw that she is a Beachbody Coach so I reached out to her in a message telling her that I had never heard from my coach and that I wanted to see results.

After a few messages back and forth, I took her advice and started with a new program called 21 Day Fix.  I lost a few pounds and several inches over the course of three weeks and was simply blown away!  Before I had even finished the program, I signed up to be a coach myself!  I wanted to continue to share my journey.

At the end of January I woke up with terrible hip pain and have been unable to workout since.  I have a slipped disk in my back that is still causing me pain two and a half months later.  In that time, all the hard work I had put in for over four months has gone.


I may not be able to work out but I really need to focus on my nutrition.  I need to hold myself accountable.  I am taking pictures of each and everything that I eat and I will be posting it for everyone to see.  Who will be joining me?

Until next time!