Sunday, October 28, 2012

Laid Up With No Answers

Take a look at these pictures.  They are from when I was in I could run and teach Zumba and do all the activities that I LOVE to do!
My sister Sammy, Me, my momma, my girl Holly, and my sister Heather at The Color Run on Mother's Day 2012

After the first mud crawl at the Survivor Mud Run at Carnation Farms in June 2012

My momma and me after we survived the Survivor Mud Run

Just about to hit the streets for a run
In all these pictures you can kinda sorta see my legs.  You cannot fully see all the muscle or the muscle definition that I had but I did.  Not to toot my own horn but I had some damn fine and sexy legs.  It was my definition that made me feel confident in shorts...not my weight loss...knowing what I do and how much effort I put into my work outs to get the results that I could be proud of.

When I finally noticed my weight loss, I noticed it in my thighs.  I remember taking a shower and shaving my legs and thinking " calves look thinner...and so do my thighs...wait a second!!!"  It hit me like a ton of bricks and when I stepped out of the shower I saw it in my face and my waist and my hips.  Did you read my blog about my weight loss?  Check it out here.

A couple weeks while I was taking a shower, I noticed my right thigh looked thinner.  Normally I would be proud of that except that it is NOT something I was trying to do.  I compared it to my left leg and I almost fell over and started crying.  I have lost so much muscle that it hurts. hurts like hell!

My left leg is bigger than my right but this picture does NOT show the significant muscle loss
I had my first Physical Therapy appointment on the 15th (just over two months after hurting my knee).  Unfortunately, the physical therapist said that I have lost so much muscle that it is actually causing MORE knee pain and that I need to build up that muscle first to alleviate some of that knee pain before physical therapy can actually help any.  I thought to myself All exercises that one would do to build up their thigh muscles involves BENDING YOUR KNEES.  I am not sure what she thinks these sissy exercises are going to do but they are NOT going to build up my muscle enough to actually relieve some of this knee pain.

She put in a referral for me to see Orthopedics and I heard from them last week...and they cannot get me in until November 27th...WHAT?!?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?  That is just straight up unacceptable!  I have been in pain for over two months now and still have no answers and these people expect me to just sit and wait around.  I do not think so.  I called my doctor and asked for him to call me back because this is just crazy...and I still have not heard from him.  I am off on Tuesday and Friday this week and if I have to I will drive down to the clinic and wait for the doc if I have to!

I am going to try and crash since I have to dress all nice for work tomorrow!  Until next time!