Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Silence Will Now Be Broken

I have been M.I.A. for a bit because we have moved.  My mom bought a house and we have been trying to settle in...however it has been a bit difficult.

  • No furnace (that was finally installed on Saturday)
  • Master bathroom - no shower (I believe the grout has finally set and the three of us no longer have to share the shower in the main bathroom)
  • Main bathroom - no sink
  • My bedroom - window does not open
  • Kitchen - no refrigerator, dish washer, or stove/oven

As much as hand-washing dishes SUCKS, not having a dish washer is not as bad except for the fact that I pulled a bowl out a few days ago and there was some left over crud stuck to the outside of the bowl.  There is only so much that we can do by hand washing.  I am a firm believer in dish washers.  I cannot get physically get the water hot enough in the sink to completely sanitize dishes, silverware, glasses, mugs, etc.  Not having a stove/oven SUCKS because we cannot make food at home.  It has to be either microwaved or toasted in the toaster oven.  Not having a refrigerator blows because now that it is getting colder at night and in the morning, the garage is freezing and having to go out there to get the coffee creamer just stinks!  Thankfully we have a full size refrigerator in the garage that will eventually return to the over flow/beer refrigerator.

I will again mention IT IS EFFING FREEZING IN THE MORNING so not having a window that opens in my bedroom...not so bad.  However, it is not painted is not stuck does not open!  I am not sure how that passed inspection to begin with since I am willing to bet a whole $5 that it has to be against some fire safety code to have a window that DOES NOT open in a bedroom.  I could almost understand in the bathroom (but that would just be mean...especially if there is a guy living in the house...just mean) but in a bedroom?!  I do not get it!

SPEAKING OF BATHROOM...there is no sink in my bathroom.  Do you know how gross it is to go to the bathroom and not be able to immediately wash your hands?  I have to walk down the hall and wash my hands in the kitchen...unless no one else is home in which case I use my mom's bathroom...with two functioning sinks!  At least now I have a door on the bathroom...when we first moved in, not only did I NOT have a sink but the door was also missing!  That is right!  Anyone walking down the hall could totally watch me doing my business!  I have seriously been contemplating getting a gallon size container of hand sanitizer to keep in the bathroom but I know that the first trip home my sister will jack it and take back to school with her.

Now even though we have a furnace I just HAVE to mention it.  For almost two weeks it was FREEZING in this house.  I mean we were all in a really bad mood because would could ever be in a good mood when you wake up freezing cold!  It was getting so cold that it did not matter how hot it got outside, I seriously could not get warm!

Okay, now that I have played a little bit of catch up, I have two more posts that I want to get in tonight but they will have to wait just a little bit! So...until next time!