Monday, July 16, 2012

Picture Challenge Day 1

A picture of yourself with 15 facts

I took this picture tonight.  I am still in my Zumba® clothes because no one came to my class tonight...which is also why my hair is down and not a curly/frizzy hot mess!

15 Facts
~My favorite TV show is "Gilmore Girls".
~I am a sucker for Disney Classics.
~My favorite flower is a lily.
~My favorite movie is "Fried Green Tomatoes".
~I am currently involved in a love affair that was started in March 2010...and it is with Zumba®
~"Alice in Wonderland" terrified me as a child...seriously...who was the acid tripping freak that created that wonderful Disney classic?
~I have to think very carefully before I saw the word(s) "eyebrow(s)" otherwise it comes out as "eyebray(s)".
~When I am in a vehicle (driving or passenger) and a semi comes up to either side of the vehicle, my body scrunches up on which ever side the truck is on and I take short and shallow breaths.  Once the truck has passed my body relaxes and I exhale and then take a deep breath.
~About 99% of the time when I have to go to the bathroom, I touch my nose.  As a child, if I needed to go, I would touch my nose and say, "I need to go powder my nose."
~I have a friend and we have a BB.  What is a "BB"?  It is a Bacon of the strongest bonds that people can have.  I mean if you cannot bond over one of the greatest foods ever (you know that I am talking about bacon, right?), then what can you bond over?
~I have a piece of #2 pencil lead stuck on the inside of my left knee.  In elementary school, I sharpened my pencil before school got out and when I was switching seats on the bus, the pencil poked through my bag and stabbed me in the leg and broke off.
~I have 3 baby teeth still in my mouth that are not going anywhere.
~My favorite MTV character of all time is Daria Morgendorffer.
~I absolutely love candles and my favorite was eucalyptus because it keeps the spiders and bugs out of the house...they hate the scent...but Partylite discontinued that scent...and I have not found a suitable replacement just yet.
~I spend absolutely entirely too much time on Facebook...and the only games I play on my phone are RummyFight (Myrr84) and Draw Something (Myrr84 or by FB).

Until next time!