Friday, July 20, 2012

Picture Challenge Day 4

A picture of a habit you wish you did not have.

This is a picture of 7-11 Taquitos...they are my weakness!  When I have no time and little money, it takes all of a minute to get to 7-11 from work and I can get two Steak and Jack taquitos for $2.22 and Monster for about $6 total.  So horribly bad for me but dang they taste so good!  Oh and I did not search for a picture of it...but their Quarter Pound Big Bite (hot dog) is yummy!

My sister swears that I only exercise and work out the way I do to support my horrible eating habits...and while I would normally agree, my eating habits are not THAT bad ALL the time!  I love my fruits and veggies...and one of my co-workers and I have a BB (Bacon in we love the breakfast food bacon) but I do not eat bacon all the time.  I love seafood and grains.

Until next time!