Friday, April 19, 2013

What Do You Strive For?

We should all have some sort of goal in life right?

Something that we seriously want to achieve...not just the dream of something like

I will spend three whole months back packing around Europe even though I have no money for a passport let alone money to fly there AND back...unless I can stow away on a container ship...and if I get caught, I have long hair and big boobs and can totally flirt with those dingy sailors right?!

But I am talking about an actual DREAM-TO-POTENTIAL-REALITY here people!  This does not have to necessarily pertain to your job/career/whatever you do that makes you happy and not living on the streets...unless that makes you happy then good for you and I will happily give you a biscuit for your dog!

While my dream job is to be a profiler for the FBI (I mean who would not want a bad ass job of locking up sickos for the sake of all mankind and do it all sexy like on Criminal Minds...because that is totally how crime fighting is in real life...right?) my ultimate goal as far as my job/career goes is to be a shrink.

Believe it or not, that does not shock anyone to hear that I want to be in the Psychology field.  I want to be a therapist.  Everyone totally gets it.  I mean, I am a great listener.  I can totally detach myself from the person (like if it is a friend or family member coming to me).  I joked in high school about charging my friends by the minute for our "sessions" during the five or ten minute passing time between classes.

Was I shocked when I found out that my baby sister was going to be a Pre-Med student when she left for college...absolutely not...was I stunned when she wanted to be a triple way (such an over achiever I have for a youngest sibling)...did I just about fall over when she finally decided to be a Psychology major...DUH!

After I took my Intro to Psych class, I knew that I had picked the right field...however it was that same class that made my sister change her mind...and has her graduating in less than a month with her BS in Psychology...and I could not be more proud and pissed at her (for finishing her degree before me of course).

Got a little off the subject for a moment.  Back to it!

My life goal is not just to be happy.

It is not to look back and regret doing/not doing certain things.

I want my life to have meaning.

I want to have stories that I can share about my experiences that will help others.

I want to have a in a huge house that I can run my own practice out of.  I want to see my future patients evolve and change into who they want to be.  I want to help them rid themselves of their fears.  I do not want to fix people...because we are not machines.  When machines break, mechanics come and fix them and make them work.  When people "break" they still function...and no amount of therapy will get them back to how they used to be because your experiences through your rough patches change who you are even if you refuse to see it.

For all the horrible things that have happened to me and around me, I would not change a single bit of it because it has given me those life experiences and stories that I can share with others and has made me who I am today!  Without my weight struggles, emotional/physical abuse, Mother Nature being a super bitch (Hurricane Katrina), I would not have the strength that I got from being in those situations.

I may have gone off on a different tangent than what I originally intended this post to be but you know happens and when you start to just write and let your thoughts flow...that is when you are being genuine and true to yourself.

Well, I think I have possibly just enough time to finish folding some laundry before my Face-Time date with one of my friends that I have not seen in almost two years since I left

Until Next Time!