Tuesday, January 8, 2013

UBC Day 8 - Groovin' To The Music

As I type this, I am listening to my favorite radio station...and the only one I listen to.  I do not think I even have it programmed on my car stereo because I NEVER CHANGE THE STATION!  Plus their website gives you the option to listen to them online...and they have a FREE app for Google Play (Android) and iTunes (iPhone)!  Plus they seriously have like the coolest DJs EVER!

**I am sorry in advanced for those that work the weekend...I do not know you guys very well...except that you sometimes cover the weekday folks from time to time...and therefore can only say that you guys rock but I do not know you by name...I am going to do my best to listen more on the weekends!**

The Wolf has the BEST morning show...HANDS DOWN!
Fitz, Tony Russell, Ellen Tailor and Randy the Biscuit are a great team!  I am having a hard time trying to remember if they were funny before Ellen joined the show last winter!  I am sure they were...because I remember Fitz having Randy do some incredibly RIDICULOUS stunts...(i.e. snow angel in his underwear...just spent like 20 minutes trying to find the picture and I could not...grrr)

They have made me laugh and cry...and always managed to make me cry when I am like two minutes away from work...on the rare day that I actually wear make up...nothing like being completely put together only to arrive at work almost 20 minutes later with red eyes, runny mascara, splotchy face and tissue stuffed up my nose because the snot is just free flowing...yeah...those kinds of!  If you have not ever heard this morning show, you are seriously missing out!  If you go HERE you can hear some audio clips STRAIGHT from the show!  Go on...I will wait! now that you have heard how hilarious these folks are, you have to totally follow them on Facebook and Twitter!  I am going to make it super easy for you!

Fitz on Facebook and Twitter
Tony on Facebook and Twitter
Ellen on Facebook and Twitter
Randy on Facebook and Twitter

Next up is Miss DeAnna Lee!  She is hilarious!  I love her to death and the woman has like a bazillion pairs of boots!  I want to totally raid her closet!  I was doodling around on Facebook during my lunch break one day and it said I had a Friend Request and when I opened it up, it was DeAnna Lee!  I was stoked to say the least!  Then SHE sent me a message calling me a Zumba Queen!  I am still trying to convince her to come to one of my classes...and since she gets off the air at 3pm and my class starts at 5:30pm (when it starts up again)...she is totally coming to my class!  I will beg and plead if I have to!

DeAnna Lee on Facebook and Twitter

We get to spend the last part of our afternoon and first part of our evening with Wing Nut (a.k.a. Wingo).  He hit the nail on the head one day...on my drive home from work one night it was raining and he called the weather "SUCKTASTIC' totally became my new favorite word...and by tweeting it #sucktastic and tagging Wingo I gained a follower!  Plus we have discovered that you can add *tastic* to anything and make it funny...example...January 1 on my Bacon Lovers calendar had the word "Bactastic: amazingly wonderful, utterly fantastic bacon foods or experiences with bacon." and we created Porktastic!  Anyway...this guy is so awesome that we instant message back and forth and have been woken up in the middle of the night to him getting all Chatty Kathy on me!  Seriously an awesome dude!

Wing Nut on Facebook and Twitter

Last but not least Nick at Nite rounds out the night.  He has the burning question of the night and gets some super awesome discussions going!  He also does this Nightie Nights segment where you can call in and leave a quick nightie night message to someone you love/care about.  It is super cute and sweet and it actually starts here in about 15 minutes.  Does he get bonus points since he is funny AND cute?  DUH!!!

Nick on Facebook and Twitter

Now that you have the scoop on the greatest radio station DJs, check out Seattle Wolf on Facebook and Twitter.

Until next time!