Sunday, January 13, 2013

UBC Day 13 - Where Do You Spend Your Days?


That would be a very vague approximation of how many hours an average person might work in their lifetime.  We spend most of our lives working...more than we spend with our families.  It is kind of sad to me to be honest.  That brings me to the question in my title...

Where do YOU spend your days?

I have the privilege of working for the greatest family ever!  I know that I have written about it before but I really have the coolest job ever!  I get to fuel airplanes and helicopters of ALL kinds!  What I have not done, is share pictures...I do not have many but I work on the line on Wednesday and Thursday so I can take some pics and add them later!

This was taken right before our major snow storm last year...and when the airport closes down and I loose a week of work then I call it a storm.  That is one of our helicopters!

A frosty, foggy, and chilly morning at work...but you cannot tell me that is not just amazing to look at!

 When the President came into town, a flight restriction was in place ALL DAY LONG...and this big guy showed up and landed just in time!

This is part of our taxiway heading to the end of the runway for aircraft to take off on runway 33 to the preferred runway...especially during the summer when I have to hot fuel the caravan!

Here is a tandem skydive instructor with a student...I will do this one day this summer...when it is hot outside on the surface!

Have you ever seen anything that cool after a long, hard, hot day at work?  It makes all the sweat and horrible tan lines totally worth it!

Now that there are some awesome outside pictures...I will work on some actual pictures of the facilities...because the pictures on the website do not do it justice!  Check it out!

Until next time!