Tuesday, January 15, 2013

UBC Day 15 - How Many Hats Do You Wear?

Today is National Hat Day.  You can take my title question to mean physically how many hats do you wear or how many "hats" you wear.  I have my "big sister/step sister" hat, I have my "Auntie Randa" hat, "daughter" hat, "favorite grandchild" hat (ha...and we all know that I am Grandma Buddy's favorite...and we all accept it!), etc.

This post is not about those kinds of hats though...I picked three of my hats that I love to share with everyone!  I do not have all of my hats unpacked right now BUT you make due with what you have right?!

This is my winter work hat.  I could not tell you were I got it...or who gave it to me if it was a gift.  It came with a matching scarf too!  I wear three shirts to work...put my scarf on...add my Columbia jacket with the fleece lining and this hat...oh and toss in a couple of those hand warmers for me to wear inside of my gloves...and I am set!

I swear this hat is clean!  This is my other work know...for when it is not freezing outside!  I am actually in dire need of a new one!  Might invest in one after payday!  This hat has most definitely seen better the is a BLACK hat...not a brown one...and those brown spots only came about AFTER it went through the dish washer!

I cannot figure out why this picture is only coming out sideways when I took it just like I did my work hat.  Anyway, I bought this at the Anheuser Busch Brewery in St. Louis, Missouri.  It even has the Bud Light logo on the back.  I fell in love with it!  "Wally's Diner & Gas Station...Eat Here...Get Gas!"

Show me your favorite hat!  I really want to see it!  Be it an actual hat or a picture of you with your children in your "Mom/Dad" get the drift!  Until next time!