Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Vanished Into Thin Air!

I swear I have not been slacking on my blog challenge!  I have not posted Day 18 to Day 22 yet because my internet SUCKS!!!  Seriously!  Cannot watch Netflix...which means no "Shameless (UK Original)"...and trust me when I say that it is a MUST!  They are freakin hilarious!  So far I have only made it like four episodes into it but they are taking the US version and practically mirroring the original...which is so totally awesome!

On top of no Netflix, I cannot check my email...and my phone freaks out everytime I try to check it there.  Since I am waiting on a loser to respond to an email I sent him at the beginning of the month from my Hotmail account, I can only check it on the computer because my phone takes WAY too long to download apps now (have I mentioned how much I HATE my Droid 2?).  I am trying to avoid talking to him on the phone mainly because I want to keep things civil and if I can do all communication via email then I have time to re-read what I want to say and not sound like a douche myself.

No Facebook.  I am actually not too worried about Facebook.  I am thoroughly annoyed with the fact that I cannot get the "Most Recent" option on my stupid smart phone anymore though!  Drives me NUTS!  Then there is the fact that lack of internet on my phone makes it extremely difficult to play "Subway Surfer"...which I have become totally addicted to since my nephew's birthday party this last weekend! is time to sign off and head back to work!  Hopefully I can get my posts all caught up tonight...if the internet cooperates!  Until next time!