Monday, January 7, 2013

UBC Day 7 - Historical Event

I am not much of a history buff.

I absolutely love history but when I can pick what I want to learn about verses being forced to learn about something (like in a history class).  The only reason I made it through my last history class in college was because I was able to pick my topic (from a list...of course) and was able to write about Nazi Germany before, during and after World War II.  This was important to me because my grandmother was born and raised in Germany.  We have a picture of my great grandfather dressed in his SS uniform (being a train conductor, he was forced to work for the Nazis).  My grandmother was temporarily in a "protection" camp where she kept a diamond earring under her tongue to keep the Nazis from taking the last thing she had of her mother's.

I am completely fascinated by World War I and World War II and love to read about them and watch the documentaries but I absolutely hated every minute of being FORCED to learn about it in high school.  My favorite mini series/documentaries for World War II are "Band of Brothers" and "The Pacific".  I actually purchased the book "Band of Brothers" and Captain Dick Winter's autobiography after seeing the series.  My ex husband loved "The Pacific" so much that when my mom came across a signed copy of one of the Marines biography, she got it for him for Christmas that year.

If I could have witnessed any single historical event, I am not sure if I can really narrow it down to one.  There are so many that would be amazing to witness but I cannot handle being around or near death.  Watching the troops storm Normandy would be amazing but there was so much blood and souls lost.  It would be awesome to have been a fly on the wall of the Borden house to see if Lizzy really did kill her father and step mother (you did now that Mrs. Borden was not Lizzy actual mother).

Probably one of the most tragic accidents not part of a war took place in April 1912.  The sinking of Titanic...that beautiful ship...all those innocent lives lost due to the lack of boats...the third class citizens being locked below deck so the first class women and children could be saved first.  Take away their money and their fancy clothes...what made them any more special than the women and children below that were purposely drowned?  What was going through the minds of the people in that freezing water?  Their hope fading as they fear the boats will not come back...that they will freeze to death...wondering if there was an easier way to just give up and die so the pain will stop...chew on that!

Until next time!