Saturday, January 12, 2013

UBC Day 12 - A Little Change

I have told a few white lies but nothing serious.  I try to be honest.  I try to treat others the way that I  prefer to be treated.  I cannot even begin to imagine how someone can treat another so bad.  I do not know how fast I can type this.

When I decided that I was going to move back home when my divorce was final, I started looking for a place(s) to teach Zumba.  I found a lead for a position at a dance studio.  I talked to the owner and set up a meeting with her and an audition.  I was offered the position and was so excited that I forgot to ask how much I would be paid.

Once I moved and got settled in, I started teaching.  I was informed that I had to obtain a small business license because I was considered a hired independent contractor.  I was to provide her with an invoice at the end the month and that I would be paid by the fifth of the month.  I could be paid monthly, every other month or quarterly...however I wanted...I just needed to provide her with the invoice.

I started in August.  It was towards the end of March that I was organizing some things and found my contract.  I read over it and noticed that it stated that after three months there would be a pay increase per class.  I contacted the owner and asked to set up a meeting so I could ask her some questions.  It was like pulling teeth to meet with her.

After getting the royal run around from her for months...I mean she would cancel last minute or not show up and not answer the phone...I mean how many times can someone seriously get rear-ended on the freeway or have to take her friend/sister/self to the emergency room...are you kidding me?!  So I finally just sent her a text message with my questions...stupid me for not emailing her and having a paper trail.  So she tells me how much I am supposed to be getting per class based on the contract that she sent me.

I created my invoices and had emailed them to her.  Among them included one for back pay.  She said that she did not understand why she owed me back pay.  I explained that I took the number of classes I had taught after the three month mark and applied the increase.  She tried to tell me that a pay increase is only done after a meeting and discussing how the classes have gone and how attendance had been.

Guess what...THAT WAS NOT IN THE CONTRACT!!!  I was asked to take on more hours at work and since my actual job pays my bills, I told the owner that I had to quit immediately.  She told me that I needed to talk to my boss and make them understand my prior commitments.  I told her that my employer has bent over backwards to accommodate my schedule but that it was becoming a burden and that if it came down to it, I chose the airport.

She tried to tell me that it was stated in my contract that if I could not give 30 days notice then I was required to find a substitute...guess what...THAT WAS NOT IN THE CONTRACT EITHER!!!  She is a total flake.  A horrible business owner.  I have filed with small claims court because she owes me over $400.  She refuses to pay me.  I set up two meetings for her to pay me and she was a no show...with no nothing!  It is rude...VERY lack of respect.

After all this is resolved, I plan to file a complaint against her has a "business woman"...I do not know how I will be able to do that...but I am going to do something.  I do not know how or why someone would treat another this way...if I could change something in this world it would be to either change those people like the owner of the studio or get rid of them all together.

What would you change if you could?  Please share a little something with me!

Until next time!