Friday, January 11, 2013

UBC Day 11 - Comfort and Love

I admit short term memory SUCKS!  Seriously!  I can remember how I got every major scar on my body (and I have quite a few) but I cannot tell you what I did last week.

Example:  I fuel airplanes and helicopters.  I work at a flight school so I am dealing with small aircraft...Cessna 152s and 172s.  I am accident prone.  I run into things constantly!  I smack my elbows, knees, hips, shins and ALWAYS my head!  I can remember cleaning the inside of one of our planes and smacked my head three times in less than five minutes...the same spot on the airplane and the same spot on my head.  Anyway, my friend said that I should be wrapped in bubble wrap.  He asked me if I had injured myself that particular day.  I said that I could remember smacking my head climbing into the fuel truck...but I could not remember if it had happened that day or the day before.

When asked about my childhood, there are three items I always mention.

  1. Corky
  2. Super Bear
  3. My Blankie
Corky was my favorite toy as a child.  He was a doll dressed in purple and white...maybe pink.  When I really strain to try and remember I lose it...but I definitely remember the purple.  I lost Corky when I was eight years old.  My mom told me to not to bring him because I might lose him but I could not leave the country and not take him with me!  I am just really glad that she put her foot down and made me leave my blankie at home.  When I was eight, my mom and grandma took my sisters and me to Germany to meet my great grandma and meet some other family members.  I left Corky on the plane.  We called the airline and no one returned it.  Someone picked it up and took it home and some other child grew up with my Corky.

When I was five, my babysitter Laurie gave my sister and me each a teddy bear.  I still have mine.  I call him Super Bear.  I slept with him every night until I left for boot camp...and trust me...I am not lying when I say that I was terrified...not about going to boot camp but trying to fall asleep without my teddy bear!

Super Bear and me
Yeah...I still sleep with my teddy bear...SO WHAT?!  He is much better to cuddle with...because he does not move...or snore...and makes a GREAT pillow!

Last but not least is my blankie...I would totally snap a picture of it but my mom packed it in a box and told me that I am not allowed to use it anymore because it was going to fall grandma made it for me when I was a baby.  On one side, there are bunnies and butterflies...very faded and no where near at bright colors as they used to be.  They look more like very light pastel colors.  On the other side it has some stick figure drawings, pictures and the alphabet (fun little side note...taught myself the ABCs backwards...and learned that you cannot sing the ABCs backwards using the same tune just does not matter how many times you me...I have logged possibly double digit hours trying to get it to work...and it does not...ever).

These items bring me comfort and remind me how much I am loved.  We all have items from our childhood that bring us comfort and security.  What is your "security blanket"?  Tell me!  I would love to read about it!

Until next time!