Thursday, January 17, 2013

UBC Day 17 - Close Your Eyes and Open Your Mind

Even on my days off, I never feel like I get to really relax and do nothing.  It always seems like I have something to do.  Some errand I have to run...some place I have to go...end up getting called in to work an extra shift.

When I get a day to really just relax and do nothing...I turn my alarm off...I shut my phone off...I wake up naturally.  I eventually make my way out to the living room where I curl up in my blanket and watch a few of my shows on the DVR...but honestly I feel most relaxed when I am dancing.  When I am practicing my Zumba moves on my own.  Creating my own choreography or working on getting a few new dances down.  The music just seriously makes everything else irrelevant.

Any worries or stress just melts away as soon as I start the music and start to move.  Dance has always been that way for me.  I was just in love with New Orleans partially because I could go out any night of the week and the clubs would be packed and playing great music and I would dance and not think about anything else.  Sure...being 19 years old and getting into clubs and not being carded buying drinks and shots was fun but dancing is really why I went out.  Not to get drunk because I could.

Now that I know that my knee is okay, I have stopped babying it and plan to build that muscle back up and get back into teaching Zumba.  I need to dance.  I have so much pain and stress that I need a release.  If I could not dance, I would run but right now I cannot really do either.  However I am totally ready to fully try my choreography that I created in my head and have yet been able to try out!

On the flip side, I also love to curl up next to a window with great light and a good book...a cup of hot coffee and a beautiful view...that is perfection as well!  The only thing that could ever make it better is having someone special there with me.  To peek up over the top of my book and see someone special sitting close to me doing something similar.  Eventually when I get my set schedule of Wednesday through Sunday work week back, I plan to find someplace beautiful and peaceful to go to and read on Mondays or Tuesdays.  Who knows...maybe I will walk onto a ferry and go somewhere and use the time and surrounding beauty to refresh my poetry!

How do you unwind?  Is there a special place that you go to and relax?  Is there a certain activity that just puts your mind at ease?  Share your secret you place!

Until next time!