Monday, January 14, 2013

UBC Day 14 - Changing Seasons

It is flipping cold outside and let me tell you what...I might be FROM the great Pacific Northwest but I do not BELONG in the Pacific Northwest.  I do enjoy having seasons...Rain (Fall)...Cold Rain (Winter)...Rain (Spring)...Little Sun (Summer).  Right now I am stuck in the cold rain season...where sometimes it is really cold (like this weekend where I swear my core temperature dropped like 15 degrees just so I would not freeze to death)...sometimes it is rainy...and sometimes it is freaking cold and rainy and windy and miserable!

I do not belong up there.  I know that it rains a ton in the spring and summer in parts of the south but I miss it terribly and I really want to go back.  I am really close to jumping at the opportunity.  It does not hurt the fact that the man that I love with all my heart and soul is from the south and lives in the south...and wants me to come to him.  I just cannot drop everything and leave...not yet anyway!

I favorite season is Fall.  I love the changing of the leaves.  The reds, oranges, and yellows!

Old Mission, Idaho 2010
I took that picture on a 21 day road trip I took with my ex husband...How can you look at a picture like that and NOT love Fall?!

Until next time!