Sunday, January 6, 2013

UBC Day 6 - It Is A Favorite Kind of Day

I had all intentions of picking one prompt to write about today but I find that two of my favorite things go hand in hand!  I cannot figure out where to start.  Well here it is!

My Favorite Food
My Favorite Movie


Not only is that my food but it is also my favorite movie!  What could possibly be better than fried green tomatoes (besides somehow figuring out how to fry them...wrapped in bacon...oh man...)?  Let me share a little bit about how this came to be!

When the movie came out in 1991, my mom rented it for one of our movie nights.  Movie nights were usually Saturday nights because we always watched TGIF on Friday nights.  Anyway, she brings this movie home and I was just mesmerized!  I wanted to watch it again and again.  I am pretty sure that we were the only ones who rented that movie because we always seemed to have it!  The first time I found it on DVD I bought it!


Now I watched this movie for YEARS and then one day I decided that fried green tomatoes were my favorite food...and I have NEVER even tried them!  Let me tell you something...the first time I had them I loved them!  I have only made them like a handful of times but they are delicious!  They are also SUPER easy to make.  Unfortunately all my cookbooks are packed and in storage otherwise I would give a great recipe.  Some other time!  For now it is time for me to see if tomorrow's prompts have been emailed out and possibly go to sleep!

Until next time!