Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What Is Your Ideal Date?

The title of this post is a question that I was asked last week.  I gave the answers of the only things I have ever known for dates.  It included dinner, drinks, coffee, etc...maybe see a local band.  I try very hard not to be girly because I really hate being girly.  I do not think like a girl most of the time but after giving it some thought, I have a few other ideas.

I love the stars.  I would like to have a picnic by a river or stream or lake, far away from city lights where we can have a light dinner and then just lay back and look at the stars.  Find constellations and just talk.

I love the water.  Any type of water but I really love the ocean.

I love to walk around and I could take a cup of coffee or tea and walk around a city and just admire the city lights or make it up onto the roof of a garage or something and see the lights from higher up and just admire the beauty all around!

Until next time!