Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 30: What Is In Your Makeup Bag?

 I do not actually own a makeup bag.  I should probably invest in one at some point but as I do not travel much or have the need really for one, this works just fine!  This picture here on the left is my "start up" kit that I purchased about four years (and $300+) ago.  The "Get Started" box contained my powder foundation, bronzer, blush, mineral veil (kind of like a sealer to keep the makeup put), the foundation brush, fine touch up brush, blush/bronzer
brush and a shampoo cleaner for my brushes.  The eye shadow box contains 17 different colors and came with eye primer (to keep the shadow in place and it really does not come off until washed!), a small shadow brush and two colors of lip gloss.  When I purchased all of this, I also bought four additional eye shadows because they were the ones that the girl used on me to show me how the makeup is applied and I also bought the eyeliner brush, the one for my brow bone, a blending brush and a smaller brush to use to make more dramatic lines around the lash line.  I also just recently bought an actual eye shadow brush.  I also have an eyelash brush/eyebrow brush, an eyelash curler (because a friend of mine several years ago said she would smack me if she ever caught me wearing mascara without curling my lashes first), and three different mascaras (water proof, lash blast and one with a hint of purple).  I also have to add that I use their face wash and moisturizer because it truly does keep my skin looking and feeling great!

Until next time!