Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 23: Your Dream Job

My dream job is to be a profiler for the FBI.  I am currently working towards my BA in Psychology and would like to get my MA in Applied Behavior Analysis.  I want to get into the minds of killers and figure out who they are and why they are doing what they are doing.  If you have ever watched an episode of "Criminal Minds" on CBS, then you know what I want to do.

The type of medical discharge that I got from the Coast Guard included a code.  This code keeps me from EVER entering a branch of the military.  Because of my injury and discharge, I do not even know if I would be able to become an agent...and I am too terrified that the answer is no to even ask.

I would love to live in Washington, D.C. and work at FBI Headquarters.  I really teared up when I walked by this amazing and beautiful building in 2007.  I saw men and women walking out of the building and I just wanted to ask them all sorts of questions but I figured that even if I had shown them my active duty military ID that I had (because I was there for my medical board and was still active duty), they would still think of me as a freak and they were probably agents and would have thought I was suspicious.

From time to time, I check out the FBI website, look at the Terrorist list, Most Wanted, Kidnapped Children, Missing persons, and try to locate the physical requirements to become an agent.  Needless to say if I have to do a pull up then I am screwed because I have been able to build up the strength in my shoulder to do push ups but I have NEVER had the upper body strength to do a pull up.

Until next time!