Thursday, June 14, 2012

If This Is How My Week Has Started, I Do Not Want To See How It Will End!

I have had a week from hell.  I know for a fact that I have said this before...and probably on several occasions thinking that it truly was the week from hell but as this is MY Tuesday coming to an end, I cannot help but think about how shitty yesterday and today have been and how bad I really do NOT want to see how the rest of my week is going to play out.

Tuesday night I cannot sleep to save my life.  Seriously!  I tried closing my eyes and just laying there, willing myself to fall asleep and my eyes just kept popping open!  It was not until about 2:30am when they finally slammed shut...only having to open when the alarm went off about FOUR HOURS LATER.  I got up and felt pretty awake but by about 8:30am when it was time for me to leave for work, I had a horrendous headache.  Nothing worked!  I took Alieve.  I ate food.  I drank coffee (and lots of it).  I even broke down and drank a sugar free Red Bull (which is not that bad to be perfectly honest and HELLO...10 calories for an 8 oz can verses 220...Ladies and Gents I believe we have found ourselves a winner!).  It worked...but for only a couple of minutes after downing it and then the headache was back even worse.

The best way I have found to describe this headache (besides border-line migraine) is like this:  "Someone out there in the world got SHIT FACED last night and is walking around 100% fine...because they managed to pass on THEIR hangover to ME!"  Even my eyeballs hurt...opened and closed...I was just utterly miserable.  The only thing I wanted to do all day was come home, take a hot shower and crawl into my bed and just sleep and sleep and sleep the day away...but that was not an option.

I had been asked out for dinner last night.  I wanted to go home so bad but I also did not want to cancel because I was really excited to go.  I am glad that I went too!  I had a lot of fun and we were by the water and it was beautiful!  I will be going back there with my camera on a beautiful day and take pictures!  Maybe even ride the ferry and go exploring...

Okay so yesterday may have sucked total ass but last night was pretty great.  I was actually almost asleep by this time last night (with the help of three Tylenol PMs...side note...I cannot wait for Excedrin to be released back onto the market...I need Excedrin PM, Max Strength and Migraine like NOBODY'S business)!  I woke up this morning headache free!  I was so happy.  I thought that meant that today was going to be a good day.  Except for the fact that I did not get up to my alarm when I originally intended to so I missed out on my shower (never fret...I showered when I got home from work)...and remembered that I forgot to stop at the Vitamin Shoppe and get some more of my favorite Oh Yeah! Protein bars (Peanut Butter Caramel...I am telling you...AMAZING) so I had nothing for breakfast.

My stomach started screaming at me around 11:30am Feed me something other than coffee you moron!  I tried to tell it to stay calm...lunch would be in two hours and I would feed it something amazing!  I really wanted soup all day.  It was not really that cold out but it just felt like a "soup" kind of day.  Since I do not know where really good soup is in Snohomish, I figured that I would drive up to Subway and get my usual (6" Veggie Delight with a single serving of American usually comes with a double serving...every single veggie they have and that is it...not mayo or mustard or anything) and maybe a cup of soup and just sit down and relax and enjoy my hour long lunch.  Boy was I wrong!

1:45pm rolled around and I asked if there was anything else that needed to be done before I could take my lunch.  Normally I get a "No...go ahead." but today I was told I had to wait until the tail boom was removed from one of our helicopters.  I was in shock.  I was starving and teetering on the edge of BITCH mode.  About two hours later, I was finally allowed to take my lunch but was told to only take a half hour.  You know what that means?  Healthy lunch 7-11 lunch!  All hope was lost when I took that first bite out of the Quarter Pounder Big Bite hot dog and any redemption was gone when I ate those Hostess cupcakes (both cupcakes were one serving so I enjoyed them).  I also snacked on some pepperoni sticks and Chili Cheese Frito's.  I tend to make very poor food choices when I am angry and in BITCH mode.

I tried to avoid people all day because I did not want to wound anyone with my mood.  It has been known to happen and I find it best to only communicate when absolutely necessary and to keep it short when I am that way.  I am so far from pleasant it is ridiculous and generally I am pretty nice...for the most part...but I get mean and nasty and not on purpose.  I am sorry if I bit anyone's head off was not intentional!

Now it is bed time!  Until next time!