Friday, June 1, 2012

It Has Been A Week!

Last week seemed like it just dragged on and on and I remember calling it the week from hell but I honestly cannot remember why.  This week has been just exhausting.  I hung out with this cute guy on Monday night (I really hope to see him again) and then woke up Tuesday feeling a little under the weather.  That lasted until today.  I finally started to feel a little bit better today.  Being so tired this week though seemed to make the week drag.  I did manage to not smack my head on anything...until later this afternoon.

Yesterday was probably the worst so far (I still have two more days of work until my weekend starts).  I did not expect it to rain and went to work in tennis shoes only to have my socks soaking wet and walked around all day long hearing and feeling my feet go *squishy* *squishy* all day!  I literally peeled my socks off last night when I got home.  I spent most of the day inside waxing an airplane for a customer (and the plane is HUGE) and did not have to go outside much.  I did venture my way out to fuel some planes before I clocked out and my foot slipped off the clutch on the truck and it smashed into my shin.  It was that horrible kind of pain that instantly makes you want to cry and vomit at the same time.

I woke up this morning and was not sure if I was really feeling much better but I put on my brightly colored slap bracelet watch and walked out the door and felt like I could make it through the day!  Now I am super tired and I have to make my way to the store and get some arch supports for my blown out tennis shoes and get my butt in bed so I am rested for the Survivor Mud Run in the morning!  I drove out to Carnation and picked up mine and my mom's shirts and bibs.

Until next time!!!