Friday, June 8, 2012

I Went Flying!

After over nine months of working at Harvey Airfield and watching planes take off and land every day, I finally got to go up in a Cessna 152.  I have to admit...I was nervous.  I have never been in an aircraft that small before but I had total faith in my pilot.  All of our pilots at the flight school are awesome.  I trust all of them.  The pilot that I flew with today is the first one to actually make good on his word!  All of the pilots have said that they would take me flying but he was the first one to say he would love to take me flying and then took me!

I really had a lot of fun.  It reaffirmed my feelings though.  I do not want to be a pilot.  I prefer to just fly because I get too distracted looking out the window.  He asked if I wanted to try flying it and I said nope.  I was good just looking out the window!  I brought my camera with me but I did not take any pictures because I was too busy just looking!  I am very glad that I got to go!  I am feeling a little inspired and might write some poetry for a bit!

Until next time!