Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 18: The Meaning Behind Your Blog Name

The title of my blog is "UNTIL NEXT TIME".  I felt that as I got more comfortable with my blogging, I would be taking readers on an life!  Sometimes I feel like I am just rambling on and on and think after I  click "Publish" Who the hell is going to want to read this?  Or I have moments when I know what I want to say and it just cannot seem to come out right at all...or I get side tracked and start writing about something completely off my original topic...which happens a lot...I really do think that I have a mild case of ADD...or as my mom and I call it the "Oh shiny" disease!

I try to reach into my memory and pull out stories that I think would interest people to read.  I have written about horrible things that have happened to me in hopes that others who read my story will find comfort if they are in the same situation.  I hope to bring laughter and joy.

Everyone's life is an adventure and we should live it like such!  So I end each of my posts with until next time so that you always know that there is more to my adventure and that I will share it with you! it is customary...I will sign off so...

Until next time!