Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Too Beautiful Outside

I am not a huge fan of snow and I have made it pretty damn clear that I do not like snow. I have no love for snow. My love affair with snow is non-existent! Here is a video clip of a crazy woman that has an entirely to friendly relationship with snow!

"Gilmore Girls" Lorelai's I Smell Snow!

Now this is how I normally feel about snow!

"Gilmore Girls" Lorelai's I Hate Snow!

But here I sit in my living room with a cup of coffee, curled up in a blanket on the couch, watching the snow flurries turn into a steady fall of larger flakes that turn back into flurries and then back into flakes. I do not have many memories of snow. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, it may snow during the winter but it very rarely ever stuck around for any length of time.

The first memory of snow I have is around Christmas time when I was really little. We went to my great grandparent's house, snow was all over the ground and I had a horrible ear infection. Not that having ear infections was an uncommon occurrence in my childhood. The next memory I have of the snow is slipping on snow and ice on the small hill next to the garage behind our house. Bruised my tail bone and it hurt like hell for days!

My first time driving in the snow was in high school. I had to drive down a steep hill either direction I went with a stop at the bottom of one of the hills. Had I taken that hill there was a good chance that my little 1990 Oldsmobile would have slid through the stop, across the street, and stopped in the middle of someone's living room. Okay so the roads probably weren't that bad but I really did not enjoy driving in it. A five minute drive to school turned into like a 20 minute drive. I ended up calling into work and not going because not only would I have had to drive up a hill to get home but then drive down a hill that was winding all the way to the hospital but then had to take the same winding hill in the dark after I got off work and risk ice.

The last time I drove in the snow like this was in December 2004. The day after Christmas to be exact. One of my closest friends called me up and asked if I wanted to go to the movies. Well the nearest movie theater was an hour away so I said sure and lets grab lunch while we were there too. I got ready, ran into another friend in the hallway and asked if he wanted to go with us and he said sure! I finished getting dressed and looked out the window and it looked like I was looking into a snow globe. It was insane!

It took two hours to make that one hour drive because apparently they do not know what or believe in snow plows in North Carolina but dang as soon as we crossed into Virginia you knew it...because the highway was clear! Anyway on the way home I drove on an overpass on the freeway and hit a patch of black ice and spun my car. I did a 270 spin in the middle of the freeway. Managed to not hit the cement barrier or any other vehicles but I was pretty shaken. When we got onto the highway back to North Carolina, I said that we were going to stop at the Circle K and I was going to drink a large cup of coffee, eat a Hershey's bar and smoke a pack of cigarettes and then we'd be on our way. I did get coffee and chocolate but I did NOT smoke a pack of cigarettes...even though I wanted to!

Back in the here and now. I must say that I am truly hypnotized by the snow. I am not looking forward to work tomorrow since I got a phone call saying that I needed to bring snow gear...which I do not own. However the coolest snow memory that I could ever have would be getting a "first" kiss in the snow. There's this super cute and sweet guy that I have gone out with a couple of times and he lives about a half hour away and text me last night that he hasn't seen any snow. I told him to come up here and visit with me and he can see all the snow he wants! Should he show up then I am so hoping to at least get a kiss this time! I just want to know what if feels like to kiss him and if it could happen in the snow I would be okay with that! I hate being cold and I hate the snow but I would deal with it!

Okay now that I have completely taken this post in a direction that I did not plan or see coming I'm going to make some lunch, do a bit of cleaning and continue to marvel at the snow! Maybe I'll take a shower and make myself look pretty again just in case this super cute guy does come up here to visit me tonight! :D

Until next time!