Saturday, January 14, 2012

Gone So Long...

I had gotten INCREDIBLY good at this. By "this" I am referring to writing in my blog/journal...whatever you want to call it! I don't even know really where I left off in my life to be completely honest.

First and foremost I am trying to get one of my Zumba classes to take off. Hell I would like even just a few people to show up! I have been trying to teach a class for a couple months now and no one has shown up at all. I can handle a few no shows. What I cannot handle is knowing that no one is going to show up and still getting all excited to teach only to be let down EVERY week when I stand around in my Zumbawear for 15 minutes PASSED when class was supposed to start. I hang my head and walk to my car just wanting to bust into tears.

However the last two weeks the classes being cancelled crushed me but I had a date with a very cute and handsome guy. I met him early in December when I attended a holiday party (not a Christmas Party) with my mom at the home of one of her customers. It was fun but I knew no one! I have met my mom's customer a couple of times but not enough to be able to recognize him walking down the street. I am friends with his daughter so I knew one other person there besides my own mother.

So we sat down for dinner and he was at the table that Mom and I sat at. I had to try and keep from staring at him. I felt almost hypnotized. I could not stop thinking about him so I asked my friend what I should do. She told me to send him a message on Facebook so I did. It was pretty basic and standard "Hey don't know if you remember me but wanna get a drink?". He responded and we met up a couple weeks ago for a drink.

We hung out for an hour or so and I felt like I had been doing a lot of talking. I waited a day or so and then told him that I had fun and that we should do it again sometime. I was at work this last Monday, getting ready to close up for the night when I saw I had a text from the guy asking me if I wanted to get dinner the next night! I was doing a little happy dance...and I was not too bummed about my class getting cancelled this last week because it gave me that much more time to get ready for my date.

I think I may be smitten...either way I don't really care because I am happy and I am having fun and that is all that I want! Now I am going to deal with this horrible headache that I have had for the last couple of hours and possibly pass out. All I know is that this girl is not teaching tomorrow morning because of the snow and will NOT be waking up to an alarm clock and damn it I hope I sleep in for the first time since I moved. That's right! I have not been able to sleep in since mid August! I slept in until about 9:30 one time and it was a forced sleep when I was sick...and I do not really count sleeping until 11:20am on New Years Day as sleeping in because I didn't get to bed or sleep until after 4am so I only got about 7 hours of sleep.

Peace out y'all! Until next time!