Sunday, January 1, 2012

How Many Douche Bag Moves Can One Make?

Typically after someone screws up and f**ks you over multiple times, you cut your ties...count your losses. Someone very close to me continues to allow herself to be used and screwed over by the same man. First, he screws up royally, my mom breaks up with him and he turns to one of her really good friends and makes out with her (can you say asshole?!?).

Yet she forgives him, takes him back, doesn't fully trust him and allows him to use her yet again. She tries to communicate with him and get him to hear her and see her points but he didn't/doesn't/won't hear or understand her. She kicks him out yet again. Kicks him out the weekend of Halloween.

She's all sorts of pissed off and removes everything of his from the house and gives it back to him. She wanted NOTHING to do with him. They had no communication for about 2 weeks when all of a sudden he starts texting her. She just got so angry every time he texted her and then all of a sudden she starts laughing and giggling and 4 weeks after kicking him out, he came back.

He got lonely. He needed someone to fill the void and he prayed on the fact that she cares about him. He weasled his way and manipulated her into coming back into her life. He is an asshole and I cannot stand him period.

Now here's where I get really angry. She plans out this amazing birthday weekend for his birthday because he said that he could work out with his ex wife the weekend that he would have their kids. He tells her to go ahead and make her plans. She spends hundreds of dollars making all these reservations of stuff to do the weekend before his birthday only to have him pull a poor me kind of act and say that his ex won't swap weekends with him and that either he feels bad and guilty for not spending the weekend with her after all the work and effort she put in to planning that weekend or he misses out on a weekend with his children.

She's already told him that it was his fault and that she's not getting him anything or doing anything for his birthday because of everything that she had planned and she's going to spend that weekend with someone else...make it a girls weekend instead.

Even after telling him that he doesn't seem to appreciate anything that she ever tries to plan or give to him. Why would she continue to deal with his bullshit? It kills me inside and hurts me to see the way he treats her and I just have to stand by and keep my mouth shut. It's not right...but there's nothing else I can do without causing major problems and hurting feelings.

This sounds really bad but I hope that he continues to screw up over and over and over again and that she finally just washes her hands of him. I just hope that it happens very soon because I cannot stand this man for much longer and I have no choice but to have to deal with him because of the living arrangement I am can't change just yet. I do not make enough to live on my own.

Until next time