Sunday, May 20, 2012

Suicide Pact...Among Spiders!?!

I was trying to come up with something cleaver to post about this and considered making it read like a newspaper article. I was going to have the county medical examiner named Dr. Fancypants M.D. make a statement about how the names of the two victims could not be released due to the fact that the families could not be located to be notified as they both had hundreds of immediate family members. I just could not come up with anything really so here is what I have!

I work at an airport that has a flight school attached to it. Three days a week I open and have to do fuel samples on the two fuel trucks and the two fuel tanks. Thursday morning while doing fuel samples on the 100LL (Avgas) tank, I noticed that a spider had been on the filter when I started the pump and it ended up in the fuel. It's eight little legs were swimming around in the fuel trying to figure out how to get out is what I can expect. It just kept going around and around in circles. I continued my samples and by the time I finished with the third filter it was curled up. I giggled and chuckled out loud at the fact that this spider just killed itself.

Friday morning while taking samples from the SAME tank, I had another spider fall into my bucket from the second filter. I laughed really hard and asked my boss if it made me a sick and twisted human being since I was getting a huge kick out of watching an insect struggle for its life and dying! He laughed and then said yes.

I do not open again until Wednesday but if more spiders continue to commit suicide by Avgas then I will assume that the local spiders have made a suicide pact! I say good riddance because I hate spiders to begin with! Nasty little suckers!

Until next time!