Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 7: Your Pet Peeves

I cannot stand the sound of anything popping...knuckles, knees, any and all joints popping actually.  Now if it happens by accident then no problem but if you are like my sister who can and does pop every joint in her body then it makes me nauseous.

Anyone that sucks snot...and then spits.  Disgusting!

Nails on a chalk board...'nuf said!

Stupid people!

Lazy Sunday drivers...on Wednesdays.

Hey Seattle rains like 370 days a year...figure out how to drive in it damn it!

I cannot stand being interrupted.  It happens constantly.  I try to have a conversation with someone and another person walks up and starts talking as if I am not even there.  I hate it and it hurts.

Anyone who drives under the speed limit...especially more than 10 under...and even more especially on the freeway.

Jerks who try to control everything.

No shows to my Zumba classes.  Does not matter if it was a holiday or anything.  I know that I have passion and that I am good at what I do but it still stings when no one shows up.

I am sure that there is more but I am exhausted and if I think of more, I might add it!