Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Exhaustion Just Cannot Take Over

I am so tired but my mind just cannot seem to stop.  I am not really thinking about anything particular...oh wait...yes I am.  I smashed my head, right behind my ear, on a step on a plane this afternoon and somehow managed to not cry or vomit (but I really wanted to).  My boss told me to close up and clock out early so I did and managed to even get myself to the gym.  I was still seeing stars by the way.

I went for three reasons.

Reason #1:  I have only been to the gym three times and it was for my training sessions.  I am paying for it and I really need to start using it!

Reason #2:  I got this gym membership because my boss put the idea in my head.  I signed up.  Got him to sign up and I had not even gone to the gym at the same time as him (not my fault though because he goes when I am normally working).  Needless to say when he told me to close up and when he was going to the gym I had to go.

Reason #3:  I have to get some upper body strength and my running stamina back up because I have the Survivor Mud Run obstacle course in 10 DAYS!!!  Here was my little rant about it.

I really need to get into the gym at least three days a week to do strength training and then I seriously need to run on my own.  I have to run on the street because I run slower and not as far on the treadmill.  What I really need is to find some kind of practice obstacle course and work on it.

I think I am finally going to give in and try to get some sleep.  My head still hurts like crazy so I do not think I will be reading tonight even though I want to.  I guess I will just have to stick with watching "Daria".

Until next time!