Sunday, May 20, 2012

I Have Not Forgotten...

I promise that I have not forgotten to write, I just allow myself to get consumed by the days as they go on and on and by the time I want to write, I can barely keep my eyes open! What have I neglected to write about lately? Here is a small taste of a few posts that are to come!

1) Spiders committing suicide...possible suicide pact?

2) First 5K run in about 8 years was completed on Mother's Day this year with my momma and sisters and best friend (Want a little more? I have showered close to a dozen times since last Sunday and I am still getting color out from the inside of my left ear...has you intrigued huh?!).

3) Training for a 3.5 mile run from seriously...that is the nickname for the run...

Depending on how exhausted I am tonight, I might get them all posted...but definitely by the time MY weekend is over (I am always off Mondays and Tuesdays)!!!

Until next time y'all!!!