Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 8: What Is In Your Handbag?

I almost think that it would be a shorter list of what is NOT in my bag!  Here is what is in there at this very moment!

Sunglasses (usually kept in my car so I do not forget or lose them)
iPod Classic w/Skull Candy ear buds (blue)
Allergy pills/EpiPen (in case I get stung by a bee)
Car Keys (w/key tags for Aerie, Best Buy, Fred Meyers, Hot Topic, Rite Aid, Vision Quest, and Vitamin Shoppe)
Night guard (I tend to grind my teeth or lock my jaw up when I drive)
Work Keys
Aleve (for all those times I hit my head)
Nail file
Sharpie, Pen, and Pencil
Spare set of car keys
Extra gum (Apple Pie flavored)
Pony tail holders
"The Shack" by Wm. Paul Young
Two notebooks (1 for thoughts and 1 for recording my mileage on my running shoes)
Lotions and hand sanitizer
Chapstick/lip gloss
Travel Hair brush
Mints (Eclipse and Ice Breakers)
Business Cards
Combination lock (from boot camp...and I still know the combo!)
Oh Yeah! bar (Peanut butter and Caramel)

Usually my cell and my Nook are in my bag too BUT they are both on the charger at the moment!