Monday, May 21, 2012

Training for a Run from Hell!

I had initially planned on writing this blog post about the 5K I ran on Mother's Day but I cannot find my mom's camera which has the pictures from race day. No idea what I am talking about? Play catch up here!

So I am training for this run from hell. By "training" I mean I am just running and trying to get my time quicker. This run is going to require MORE than just fast running. It is an obstacle course. 22 obstacles over the course of 3.47 hellish miles (and that is exactly what the website called it)! Want to read more about it or see if you can survive? Check out the Survivor Mud Run website.

After I convinced my mom and my sisters to run in the 5K on Mother's Day, my mom comes into my room one night and tells me to google "Survivor Mud Run". After taking a look at it and clicking through the photos of the obstacles I tell her that it looks like fun. Then she proceeds to tell me, "Good...because I signed us up."

A few days later when the initial shock has kind of worn off, I asked her how long is the race. She says, "Just under three and a half miles." I can handle that. I have not ran that far in years but I have total faith in myself and my legs to carry me through. After she prints off our confirmation emails I ask her exactly how far the run is and she says 3.47 miles. Dang...she was not kidding when she said just under three and a half.

Of the 22 obstacles, only 21 pictures are shown. One of the obstacles is a "mystery". If it is one of the pictures I saw online from another race it will be jumping through a line of fire. It does not look scary at all. In fact I believe the fire in my backyard fire pit was about ten times bigger and some of my drunken friends jumped through that no problem.

Anyway, I have been running a few times and can complete 3.34 miles in less than 35 minutes. Now I just need to get into the gym and work on this lack of upper body strength. I mean I have muscles but I have never been able to climb a rope or anything. I know that there is a wall to scale and I think I can handle it but my mom signed us up for the earliest time she could...11:45am. I just have my fingers crossed that I can get it all done in an hour or less so I can be hosed off and get my work clothes on so my mom can drop me off at work...and that I start work at 3pm otherwise I do not know what I am going to do.

Hopefully I will be able to post some pictures later of the race on Mother's Day! Until next time!