Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oh So Sore...but So Good!

I felt really good about my food choices and work out yesterday. Group Power and cardio (via elliptical) and some Yoga for good measure. I woke up this morning and felt so very sore! I love it! My biceps are slightly sore, as are my abs and the outside of my thighs. It hurts so good, ya know!

I had 4 people rocking out with me in Zumba Gold tonight. One woman actually thought that because I was sore I wouldn't make her work. She was wrong! I made her sweat just like I was. I seemed to get a little out of hand though because I somehow managed to stab myself with my nail. I have a slight idea on how it occurred but I don't remember it happening. I noticed it when I was leaving the gym. I just happened to look down and was like, "Oh dang!"

Of course, I then just had to ask my fellow Twitter addicts if they have ever harmed themselves while in Zumba. Besides the fact that I haven't had luck with good shoes and that has resulted in ankle, feet, knee, and shin problems but I have also punched myself in the face on several occasions and have stabbed and scratched myself I don't know how many times. I don't know if I posted the pic of Twitter but I sent it to my mom with the title "My latest Zumba wound" or something like that...maybe a little more witty (I have a huge headache right now so I am not thinking at my best).

I made some excellent choices in my diet today too. I made some smoothies this morning! After all of the ingredients were pureed together, it all came out to about 3 1/3 cups. I loaded all of the information into SparkPeople's recipe site and said that it would yield 3 servings and it said that the total calorie count would be just over 136 calories! I thought that was just amazing! I made a few alterations to my normal smoothie recipe but it was good all the same! I could not find the Silk soy milk that I normally use so I substituted Almond milk instead. I also used 4 fruits when I usually only use 2 or 3. I generally use a banana and one or two other frozen fruits but today I used my banana (to thicken my smoothie) and then added some dark cherries, peaches, and pineapple. I think it may have been just a little better had I used fresh or canned pineapple chunks instead of the frozen. Maybe I'll thaw the pineapple out next time.

It is way passed my bedtime. I am going to try and get up around 8am so that way I can get to work on my school work since I am again behind schedule. I have to alter my note taking in my Statistics class so I can catch up. I think my Excedrin PM is finally kicking in.

Until next time!