Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Final Is OVER!

Not the most graceful ending to a class but I finished my psychology class!  Not only did I mess up my on my mid-term and never turned in my research prep paper but then I was super sick most of this week and was not able to finish my last three essay questions on my final and only got to respond to one other student for my last discussion board.  It is not like I was just low-on-energy-and-feeling-blah kind of sick.  It was the I-cannot-sit-up-without-getting-dizzy-and-wanting-to-vomit kind of sick (and sometimes I actually did vomit).

While I may not have answered all my essay questions with 400 words that were required, I made sure that they were at least 200+ words.  Other than feeling like crap since Wednesday, I have managed to drop down to 135 pounds!  Granted I can actually tell you everything that I have eaten since Wednesday (6-inch Veggie Delite sub, 6 pieces of toast, a truffle, 2 lil smokies, 5 little meatballs, a few Cheez-Its and a few corn tortilla chips, and a cup of chicken noodle soup).  Not much food at all but enough to not make me throw up everywhere.  Yesterday was absolutely horrible.  No other way to spend Christmas than in bed, with my dogs, trying not to be sick and trying to not get kicked off my bed by my two bed-hogs!

I managed to get up and take a shower tonight and it made me feel SO much better!  I am hoping to get up in the morning and hit the gym.  I am going to take it easy, maybe just a little bit of treadmill time and that is it!  I have to build myself up slowly!  That means I have to take it easy on Tuesday and Wednesday in Zumba.  I hope this stomach bug leaves me quickly so that way I can get back to normal!  I do not have much to say right now because I spent my last few days so sick...I might write about the Christmas Eve party I went to but I was still sick so not sure how much there will be to talk about!

Until next time!