Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve!

First and foremost, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!  I hope your holidays have been and will continue to be filled with family and friends and great, amazing food!  If you cannot be with your family, I hope you get to be with those who care about you!  I cannot be with my family this year but I have made amazing friends here that have become my extended family and I get to spend my holidays with them!

My husband is active duty Coast Guard, that is how we met.  He is going to be at work all day tomorrow and will not be home until Sunday morning.  Since he is going to be gone, we decided to open gifts today.  I do not believe I have mentioned this before but we need a new roof on our house so we did not get each other gifts...or were not supposed to.  I finally got to see my Zumbawear that I got on the Black Friday sale!  I am in love!  He also got me the juicer attachment for my stand mixer (which I wanted last year but got the veggie slicer instead)!  We had gifts to open from his folks and my mom.

I was going through a box of stuff my mom had sent me.  She put in an apron, a t-shirt, cupcake molds, cupcake cook book, journal, metallic colored sprinkles, some other stuff...and then these coasters!  The top coaster had the general picture of the grandma with the grandchildren.  I lifted it up and noticed the next picture was of my baby sister.  She is not a baby, she is 19 and in college now.  The next one was a picture of my mom at the beach when she and her boyfriend came down for the 4th of July.  The last coaster has a picture of my mom and me from that same trip to the beach.  I saw those and next thing I knew I had tears in my eyes.  Funny thing, though, is my mom said that she had that present wrapped for about four months and forgot that she put pictures in the coasters.  Too funny!

After being sick to my stomach yesterday, I am in bed still and watching the "Criminal Minds" marathon on A&E today.  I do need to bake a cake here pretty soon though so I can try and make it to my friend's house for her Christmas Eve party tonight!  Plus I need to find something to eat since all I have eaten since Wednesday is a 6" veggie delite from Subway (Wednesday night) and four pieces of toast (last night).  That may be why I am sick.  I realized on Wednesday after my 30 minute power Zumba class, Group Power and some 45 minutes on the elliptical that I had not eaten anything all day.  Horrible!  I need some more water too.  I can feel that I am dehydrated!
Again...I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and until next time!