Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holy Cow...23 Days Until Christmas!

Is anyone else super excited that Christmas is almost here?  I am but at the same time I am not.  It hit me today that Christmas is in the air.  All the light poles in town are wrapped and lit.  Down town has beautiful lights.  Our little mall has lights, trees, and Santa!  My hubby got our Christmas party tickets and I realized that the party is next Friday and I had NOTHING to wear!  Last year I was 4lbs from my goal weight.  I felt amazing about myself.  I was confident.  I wore a dress!  This year I am about 20lbs heavier and figured that unless I could find a dress that was not form fitting, I was not going to be wearing one.  I only went to two places to look and not one dress really spoke to me but I found this gorgeous top at Macy's.  Not only was is perfect (and kind of what I had in mind anyway) but it was on SALE!!!  The cashier tried to give me another 20% off but there was no way I was going to sign up to get a store credit card just for an extra 20% off.  Not happening!

I asked my mom what she thought I should wear with it.  I was thinking either black pants of black leggings, if I could find any around this hick town.  She said black leggings and black ballet flats.  I hit Walmart after dinner and the only leggings I could find were with the Miley Cyrus clothes and they had holes going up and down the front of both legs.  What the hell is the point of that?  Leggings are thin enough as it is...are holes really necessary?  You might as well buy a pair of thick tights and slice holes in them!  It would be WAY cheaper!  With Walmart being useless to me (except that I got a case for my netbook, new earbuds for when I work out, and some Christmas cards) I went down to Fred Meyers.

Hang on a second.  Before I continue, I just remembered something and just HAVE to include it!  So I live in a small town.  I could say towns because sometimes I am not sure where the city limits are for both's that close.  I am no more than 6 or 7 miles at max from the edges of either town.  So I was at our mall looking for some shoes for Zumba.  I had already been to Walmart, Kmart, JC Pennys, Macy's, and Ross or whatever it is that we have here.  Nothing was really suiting me.  So I went into Payless.  I thought I had found a good pair but they were getting a new shipment in the next day.  She said that I could always call Fred Meyers to see if they have anything so I "don't have to drive all the way down there."  Those quotes...seriously...that' is what the lady said to me.  All I could think was Really?!  Drive the whole 5 minutes down the road to another store.  I just said thanks and that I would probably be back in a few days and went to Fred Meyers...without calling first.

Okay, back to today!  So I get to Fred Meyers and discover that while on we were on vacation almost the entire month of October (so much fun), the back parking lot had been redone.  It was so much easier to park and I am assuming that they took care of the flooding issue that they had in certain areas.  Getting off the topic.  I knew that I would find what I needed because I got a front row parking spot!  I went inside and found some leggings that did not have any holes in them and then found the perfect shoes.  Not quite the all black like my mom suggested but black and gray and it kinda matches my shirt.  I was a little surprised though because I almost had to buy a is why I was tennis shoes are an 8.  Most of my shoes are 7.5 to 8.5.  I have not worn a 6.5 since elementary school or middle school.

So I have my outfit put together.  Just need some pretty earrings and the whole thing will be set.  I have my appointment to get my hair cut and colored (gotta get rid of those pesky gray hairs) and to get a pedicure.  Now with that out of the way, Christmas day is either going to be put on hold or be done the day before.  My hubby has overnight duty on Christmas.  I don't know how or why but this is two years in a row that he has had Christmas duty.  Last year he was only there half the day so it was not so bad.  No one in my family is coming down for the holiday itself.  My mom said that she might come down after depending on how much vacation time she has.  I really hope she is able to come down.  I miss my mom like crazy.

This is my first Christmas since my parents split up.  I was hoping to go home and at least see my mom but we cannot afford it.  I was a little bummed but hopefully I will be able to get home sometime soon.  Maybe if I am able to get us an appointment at the fertility clinic in Portland, we'll just head the extra 2.5 hours up to see my family.  That would be awesome!

I am exhausted.  Been up and moving and doing everything except studying all day since 7:30am.  I am going to pass out while watching Star Trek:  The Next Generation.  Until next time!