Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Is In The Air

It is the most wonderful time of the year!  I really do love Christmas!  Started getting into the mood the day after Thanksgiving with my Christmas movies and music.  Ah, I love it!  I decided to find an outfit for my husband's party for last Friday.  Even though I had tried to find a dress, I found this beautiful flowy top that had big bling attached to the neckline (meaning no necklace por moi) AND it was 25% off!  After getting some leggings and some super cute flats, I had my outfit put together!

Friday I had planned on studying most of the morning to hopefully get my school work finished by Saturday afternoon,  I ended up being SUPER lazy!  I mean I was in my pajamas until I got ready for the party!  I was dressed with hair and makeup completed with over an hour before it was time to leave.  Here is what my husband said...


I told him to quit being so dramatic.  My original plan was to be ready to go at least an hour before we had to leave so he could shower and get ready.  Lord knows had I waited until after he was done we would have been late (and that is why we normally are late...because I let him get ready first).

We had a blast!  They had a raffle with TONS of prizes.  How they go about it is that they write your name on the back of your ticket (if you are a couple or brought a date then you have two tickets entered) and put it in a bowl.  The last two years, once your name was drawn and you won a prize, if it was drawn again your second ticket got thrown out and another person was select.  That way you only could win once.  They did not do that this year.  There were some people who won twice (like we did) and a lot of people who did not win anything.

On Saturday, while everyone else was recovering from their hangovers, I was in my pajamas all day again, reading my psych book and only got dressed because we decided to check out the Christmas lights that are set up at Shore Acres botanical garden.  It was beautiful.  On our way home, a friend texted us and said that they wanted to have people over for a fire and whatnot.  So we went over and we got our friend to bring Taboo (since we didn't play it the other weekend on her birthday) and we still did not play.  We did not get home until about 3am!

Here is the kicker!  I spent most of last night on my statistics.  I somehow finally managed to fall asleep at 4am this morning, only to be woken up 2.5 hours later to my alarm and then two little yippy dogs being dropped off by our friends.  One of which has already shit on our carpet.  I thought I was going to vomit right there when the smell hit me.  It was literally one of those times when my husband went into the office to the computer, I walked in behind him with the dogs and then all of a sudden there was a pile of crap and the smell followed the visual.  I had to walk outside in order to keep from puking everywhere.  Thank goodness my husband seems to have a stronger stomach than I do at times!

Alright.  I have wasted enough time today.  I need to get some real clothes on (still in pajamas) and get to studying!  Until next time!