Saturday, December 4, 2010

Blog Post Before Dark?! Yes!

I decided to knock this one out now before I get back to reading my psych book and since we'll be gone until who-knows-what time tonight.  It is my friend's birthday today (Happy Birthday Shout Out to my girl!) and we'll be hanging out at her house playing games, drinking some drinks, and just having fun!

I slept like garbage last night.  I managed to get one chapter read in my psych book and then realized that it was almost 2am and that my alarm would be going off in 5 hours.  Needless to say after hitting the snooze button a couple times, I shut the alarm off.  I forgot for a minute that my cell phone alarm was set for 8am...and that sound is much more irritating to a sleepy person than the regular alarm!  I somehow managed to pull myself out of my nice, warm, cozy, comfy bed into the chilly living room and kitchen.  Made the excellent choice of whole grain waffles for breakfast however the tablespoon of peanut butter, while tasty, probably should have been cut in half.  A serving size is 2 tablespoons and 190 calories!  2 tablespoons barely covers a slice of bread in my opinion!

I convinced myself to get my gym clothes on and sleepily made my way to the gym which is like 2 minutes down the street.  I parked in front of the door, because I was too tired and lazy to park farther in the empty parking lot to walk, and proceeded to check Facebook and Twitter as I arrived about 20 - 25 minutes before the class was scheduled to start.

I get myself up the stairs to check in at the desk and then go down the stairs to the group fitness room (where our Zumba classes are also held) and set up my step platform and grab my weights and sit tight, curled up in my fleece jacket thinking "Damn it is so effing cold and the fans aren't even on yet!  Was getting up for Group Power really worth it?"  After the last 2 tracks of our 1 hour session, including my new favorite shoulder track and the ab track, it was so worth it.  My abs are going to be sore.  Remember how I wasn't sure if my abs were sore from Group Power or from the yoga video I did...well I discovered today that it was most definitely Monday morning's Group Power session!

Even though I desperately wanted to come home and crawl back into my big, inviting bed, I managed to stay up, shower and get dressed just in time for our friends and their 3 kids to stop by.  They brought us a gift for all the cooking with the smoker my hubby has done in the last year or so as a Christmas/thank you present.  It's a big metal drink bucket...the kind that you fill with a couple bags of ice and then set the drinks into...a 12pk of Bud Light for my hubby, a bottle of Relax wine for me (one of my faves...can be found at Walmart), and a wintery blanket.  Oh yeah...and our last name is airbrushed onto the front.  It was so awesome of them to do that!

Now that I have babbled on about my day, I am looking forward to knocking out this 15 page chapter in my psych book and then maybe half of the next chapter while listening/watching the Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family and maybe even turn on Beauty and the Beast since my super, awesome husband bought it for me today!  Alright...gotta jet...until next time!