Monday, November 29, 2010

Absolutely No Clever Title

If you look back to my blog yesterday, I had a little mishap when it came to taking my psych midterm. I received an email from my professor. Apparently my midterm has been accessible for the last 4 weeks and therefore no extensions were granted. I do not remember reading anywhere that the midterm was available and would consist of all essay questions. I figured it would be like every other test I have taken through this access and either timed or un-timed. I have had "essay" questions before but only one or two...never 10!

No point on dwelling on the past. I just need to make sure that I kick some ass on my research paper and my final and I should be okay. Hell as long as I get a C in this class I pass and can continue on.

I have decided to start my diet over again. I have been counting my calories today and made sure to log them and my exercise. I managed to get up in time to go to Group Power this morning, which surprised my friend. I convinced myself to stay and get my cardio in by doing 30 minutes on the elliptical. My workout plan will be:

Mondays: Strength training (Group Power or weights, if unable to make it to class) and 40 minutes of cardio (5 min warm up and 5 minute cool down) on treadmill/elliptical

Tuesdays: 60 minutes of cardio (Zumba - either in the morning or if I teach)

Wednesdays: 60 minutes of cardio (Zumba - unless no one shows then same as Monday) and Strength training (Group Power or weights)

Thursdays: 60 minutes of cardio (Zumba - my class)

Fridays: 40 minutes of cardio (treadmill/elliptical or 60 min of Zumba if able to make it) and strength training (weights)

Saturdays: 60 minutes of cardio (Zumba - if teaching or on treadmill/elliptical)

Sundays: Rest unless bored then cardio on treadmill/elliptical

I do not really have a specific meal plan but I am going to try and eat better. I bought the ingredients for smoothies today. I am going to try them using vanilla Almond milk instead of Soy milk. Mostly because they did not have the Soy milk I usually get and the Almond milk has less than half the amount of calories per serving. Plus I am going to try and incorporate more juice and water into my diet. I bought a bunch of orange juice and I read about a little trick to make water less boring. I have a water pitcher filled in the fridge and then I have added lemon to it but I might try some lime or cucumber or orange or something else to give it just a little zing!

I'm going to try and get my 7 hours of sleep a night and drink at least 8 cups of water a day. I am close to my 8 right now but I also had some coffee...I need to finish up entering everything so I guess this is it for now. Until next time!!!!