Saturday, November 27, 2010

What An Exhausting Saturday

First and foremost, my nephew is going to be okay. If you read my blog yesterday, he had a seizure but the kind that he had was brought on by a sudden high fever spike. My mom told me that it is just the body's way of shutting down so that nothing else in the body is damaged. He is okay but the doctor said it is something he will have to deal with for the rest of his life. Poor little guy. No chances of joining the military...but he's only 3 so he'll be fine!

I did get to do a little bit of Black Friday shopping yesterday. I felt like garbage most of the day and spent it all in bed, with the exception of the almost 2 hours I was gone to teach Zumba in the morning. My hubby set up our Christmas tree and then discovered that the lights were all burned out and decided to go get LED lights. With him telling me that, I asked if I could get some new Zumba shirts since some of the clothes were more than 30% off (thank you instructor discount). I was given a $60 limit and was able to get 4 new tops!!! I am super excited! Especially since 3 of them say "Instructor" on them!

I popped some NyQuil last night because I have been coughing in my sleep I guess. It caused me to sleep in until 11:30am. I did not intend on sleeping that late but without setting an alarm and the fact that I have curtains in my bedroom now I see how it was possible. Spent the majority of the day doing nothing and saving all of my strength for Bedlam. Unfortunately OSU lost and that means no rematch with Nebraska for the Big 12 Championship. OU can go to h*ll! Sooner suck!

I may have an interesting topic for tomorrow if I manage to get all my school work done. I don't actually have much but we'll see how it goes. A little bit of a clue for ya...I think I might be turning into a Trekkie!